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! Government session

the Law will not allow an office to get off from a right way

the Prompt adoption of law about the government of Russia should create legal bases of activity of executive power in presidential republic and provide performance of the main task of the government - following of a line of the president. These arguments minister Yury Kalmykov convinced yesterday members of the Russian government to approve the bill presented to it. Anybody from present at government session objects Kalmykovu could not. However, the occasion to discussions has been found, when speech has come about social guarantees for members of the government.

Working out federal constitutional (that is accepted by the qualified majority, or two thirds of deputies) the law has been planned right after Constitution acceptances. Presented bill Minister of Justice Yury Kalmykov did not hide its basic purpose: to provide unconditional following lines of the president . Anybody from present has not subjected performance of this problem to doubt. However many enough of the offered it has been scarified.
first of all to doubt was it is subjected the bill item 5, protecting the government from the appeal in court of its actions. According to a variant of Ministry of Justice to bring an action against the government it is possible only in the event that the decision made by it mentions the rights, freedom and legitimate interests of citizens . The chairman of the State Property Committee also began to object razbrosannosti under the law text definitions of spheres of the competence of the government.
however, members of the government discussed other problem with much bigger interest: maintenance of social guarantees and the rights of members of the government. Ministry of Justice, in view of that for passage of this law through parliament the qualified majority is necessary, has not dared to bring in its text the extensive list of social guarantees for members of the government. Applicants for guarantees have disagreed with a ministry position. Victor Tchernomyrdin summarised statements of the subordinates: We should cease to be afraid of this problem, after all eventually it is a question all of three tens persons .
Absence of due social security of members of the government, according to the prime minister, is a principal cause of domination of mediocrities in the government. Anyway, so it is possible to understand a phrase of the head of the office that with an establishment of accurately certain guarantees incompetent people will cease to come to the government.
so rough discussion was caused also by article of the bill devoted to work of members of the cabinet in combination. According to the head of Ministry of Railways Gennady Fadeeva, literal interpretation of item 12 of the law will lead to that vitse - the prime minister, for example, cannot be simultaneously and the minister - as Anatoly Chubays and Alexander Shokhin. As a result the decision is accepted that similar sovmestitelstvo it should be supposed with the permission of the chairman of the government.