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! A sentence to Valentine Varennikov

the Defensible general has expressed to court gratitude

Yesterday military board of the Supreme court of Russia the verdict of “not guilty“ to the former deputy minister of defence of the USSR, the commander-in-chief of land forces to general Valentine Varennikov has been taken out. Him accused of Native land change (item 64 UK of Russia) for participation in August, 1991 in revolution. Court, having considered cases materials, has decided that in crime Varennikov`s actions of structure was not and has justified the defendant. The decision of judges of halls has risen in applause.

On an evidence, Valentine Varennikov, becoming member GKCHP, “ has changed to the Native land for the purpose of power capture “. The court has not had time to consider business GKCHP, as on March, 1st, 1994 it has been stopped under the State Duma Decision about political and economic amnesty. But already on March, 4th the State Office of Public Prosecutor has submitted the protest as supervision to Presidium of the Supreme court which has passed the decision on new proceeding in other structure of judges. To start the judge have taken an interest at women under investigation, whether they agree with application to them amnesty. Everything, except Valentine Varennikov, have agreed. Only the deputy minister of defence of the USSR, including itself innocent, has demanded from court to finish proceeding. According to item 5, ch. 3 UPK Russia concerning Varennikov proceeding has been appointed.
the charge shown to Varennikov, was based, in particular, on indications of one of witnesses - the president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev. In court this witness has declared that the initiative to send it in resignation proceeded from Varennikov. According to Gorbachev, the general has made its this proposal in conversation in Forose. The lawyer of the defendant Dmitry Steinberg has explained to court that in the conversation mentioned by Gorbachev general Varennikov spoke about own resignation. The president of the USSR of it has not understood, as, under the assumption of the lawyer, was “ in an excitation and fright condition “. Dmitry Steinberg has asked to take out to the client the verdict of “not guilty“ and, except that, private definition to the State Office of Public Prosecutor - in connection with brazen violations by consequence UPK and Constitutions.
the state accuser Arcady Danilov also has asked to justify the defendant, motivirovav the position an absence of proof or absence of structure of a crime on all episodes of charge. Making comments on Danilov`s this step, representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor have explained that a state accuser - the person remedially independent, and the management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor did not influence its decision in any way.
in summary Valentine Varennikov has thanked judges. According to Dmitry Steinberg, after the verdict of “not guilty“ the protest on this judgement from the State Office of Public Prosecutor will follow.