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! A new kind of financial service

Being one of the large centres of working out of technology of currency dealing in Latvia, company LauRUS Consent since August of this year has started to work on the organisation of operations on currency dealing in Russia. At the first stage the Latvian company intends to organise training of the Russian bankers and other interested financiers of technology of conducting currency dilingovyh operations, and also considerably to lower the threshold sum, providing to investors (first of all to banks) access to these operations. To it the first steps to studying of demand of the Russian investors on similar services have already been undertaken. Spent LauRUS Consent research has shown that the great number of the Russian companies wishes to receive more detailed information on an order of conducting currency dilingovyh operations before to start them directly. Therefore already in the end of August LauRUS Consent will organise in Riga the first courses on training of the Russian experts, and in the beginning of September will offer the organisations which have directed the experts on training, services in an exit on currency dilingovye operations. Experts notice that till now in Russia it was almost impossible to receive representation about skills of conducting currency dilingovyh operations. Under some data, the narrow layer of the currency dealers employed today by banks, owning dilingovymi the centres, is the most highly paid link of bank employees in view of a severe shortage of shots of similar qualification. Therefore it is not casual that both Latvian firms have decided to begin attraction of the Russian clients with their training.