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Formation of the government of Latvia

the Candidate for premieres is finished chooses own way

Yesterday the candidate on a post of premieres - the minister of Latvia Andrejs Krastinsh has left the president and parliament the list of members of the future office. The diet should consider it in a week. Under data Interfax the government structure will include representatives almost all parliamentary fractions, except for the largest - the Latvian way in power (together with the Peasants party) to the middle of July. Probably, the conditions which have been put forward the Way as obligatory for participation in a possible coalition with party Krastinsha - Movement for national independence of Latvia DNNL) - had appeared unacceptable for the candidate for premieres (in particular - the requirement of proportional representation of fractions in an office that gave priority Ways Possessing 36 places in a diet from 100 against 14 at DNNL. Despite last circumstance, Krastinsh it is assured that the new coalition will be supported of overwhelming majority for the office is formed not by a principle of participation in it of fractions of parliament or political parties, and by a principle of a command of the experts, capable to work together . Though the personal structure of an office is not disclosed yet, according to the Latvian mass-media, Alexander Kirshtejns, the Minister of Economics - Aristid Lambert becomes the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and defensive department will be headed by the woman - Anita Stankevicha.