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Results - the Moldavian negotiations

And Tiraspol - against

the Main output of the tenth round Russian - the Moldavian negotiations which have come to the end on evening on Wednesday, the arrangement on a conclusion 14 - j the Russian army from Dnestr region in three years after coming into force of the agreement on legal status, an order and terms of stay of the Russian military formations in territory of Moldova became Russian. The agreement will be signed after consideration by the governments of two countries. Earlier Kishinev insisted on 18 - monthly term of a conclusion. Present at negotiations as the invited party the delegation self-proclaimed PMR in the first day of a meeting has refused the further participation in them. Stefan Kitsak, the head of Dnestr delegation, has declared ITAR - TASS that to deduce the Russian army it is impossible until the Dnestr conflict " will be settled;. And vice-president PMR Alexander Karaman has declared yesterday that the army conclusion will inevitably lead to destruction of balance of forces in region that realises also local population, in which environment panic moods " are already felt;.