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Unilever can buy Heinz

Unilever while keeps silent, actions Heinz grow

the Begun growth of a share price of company H. J. Heinz Co. - the large American manufacturer of foodstuff - observers connect with the publication in magazine Business Week of the message on possible purchase of the company English - the Dutch group Unilever. Experts notice that acquisition Heinz quite corresponds to the strategic installations Unilever, for a long time aspiring to begin operations in the American market of food products.

As reports Reuter, actions Heinz were one of the most sold on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange. In total for half-day their price has grown on 87,5 cents and has reached $38. In turn magazine Business Week, referring to opinion of managers of Nju - Jorksky stock market, has informed that after absorption of company Heinz of its paper will cost an order of $50 for the action. By the way, according to magazine, affairs Heinz in 1994 financial year are not brilliant: the company has informed on low activity of sales.
according to representatives Heinz, the large investor can affect company reconstruction. However the president of the company Anthony About ` Rejli says that it is necessary to wait a little with searches of the buyer . Moreover, official representatives Heinz while abstain from comments concerning possible purchase. And representative Unilever in Rotterdam has declared that the company it is not made comments hearings arising in the market .

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