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Company Pfaff presentation

be not afraid your new Hobby

Within the limits of an exhibition of consumer goods IHM - 94 pass presentations of the companies - exhibitors. German company G. M. Pfaff AG - one of the European leaders in manufacture of sewing-machines - has invited business partners to presentation of the program in TPP Russia.

Company Pfaff is based 130 years ago as family business. In 1926 it is transformed to joint-stock company. In 1970 manufacture of sewing-machines with trade mark Pfaff was divided into industrial and household directions. Daily the company makes 1600 sewing-machines more than 200 models. Turn Pfaff in 1993 has made more DM1 billion

30 years of communication of the German companies Lasting more and the Soviet foreign trade organisations have helped to accustom in the Russian market and company Pfaff. Today industrial cars of this mark equip such large enterprises, as the Bolshevik the Pendant and Working clothes .
sewing is equated till now by the Private Russian consumer to a hobby. In this segment of the market position Pfaff while less steady. The data of poll spent by request of the company in Moscow, Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod and Novosibirsk have shown that the Russian women (the basic clientele) prefer to use sewing machines of marks Zinger, Veritas and Podolsk . Machines of mark Pfaff have occupied in this rating of popularity only 4 - e a place. But the situation changes: sales volume Pfaff in Russia has in the last two days grown in 25 times, and trade in household cars in the country provides 10 % of a turn of the company in this segment.
the long-term program on advancement of the goods on the markets of the CIS is calculated just on household cars. It provides creation of regional consignment warehouses and specialised shops. In them should be on sale not only sewing cars, but also the accompanying goods: threads, needles, buttons, fabrics and patterns. In Moscow, by the way, such two centres already function: Burda Moden and Komos .
the Regional aspect assumes creation on places of the service centres. Within a year such centre should carry out warranty service, and 15 - 20 years - poslegarantijnoe. So much car Pfaff on the average serves. Now, according to the manager on export Pfaff of Wolfgang Ajbisha (Wolfgang Eibisch), it is too much distributors of the company it is concentrated in Moscow while regions are empty. So soon the firm schools of cutting equipped with machines Pfaff and sewing will appear and on periphery. These schools will give the chance to the client to realise the hobby. Therefore the name of the European model - the best seller - Hobby became the name of presented program Pfaff.