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! Negotiations of Russia and Ukraine

Kiev - Moscow: to friendly fleet to be based together

On Wednesday in Moscow have passed negotiations between delegations of Russia and Ukraine on the problems connected with the Black Sea fleet. They had working character - the parties have discussed basic approaches to the meeting planned for October Boris Yeltsin with Leonid Kuchma. - vitse - the prime minister of Ukraine Evgenie Marchuk and special envoy Yury Dubinin - have not signed any documents of the head of delegations; there was no also a communique for the press. Cпецкорреспонденту SIMEON ULJANICHU managed to find out some details.

Evgenie Marchuk, the former head of KGB USSR and Security service of Ukraine, nowadays vitse - the prime minister supervising all Ukrainian power departments, for certain not without Leonid Kuchma`s council used in negotiations iron argument Russian - the Ukrainian friendship and a brotherhood. It it proved possible variants of the decision of problems. For example, when the Russian side tried to insist on impossibility of joint basing of the Black Sea fleet and Military - naval forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian colleagues questioned: what prevents to be based to friendly fleet together? At such statement of questions of Russia it will be very difficult to answer them negatively.
the Ukrainian delegation defended idea У the creation of two friendly fleet aimed in the future У - thus, Ukraine has not passed, as some Russian politicians, on an integrity and indivisibility CHF position expected.
the Russian experts in private conversations have noted unexpected aggressiveness of the Ukrainian delegation: Russians have got used to slow character of conversations with the former head of the Ukrainian delegation Vasily Durdintsom. The delegation of Russia, judging by Yury Dubinin`s statements on the eve of negotiations, hoped only to find out a present position of Ukraine is there was the first after power change in Kiev a round of negotiations. The position is really clear.
both parties with satisfaction notice that at negotiations У absolutely new atmosphere " was established;: in negotiating process propaganda stereotypes practically are not used. The last round has shown that Ukraine is adjusted on the compromise with Russia, but on unilateral concessions will not go. Kiev suggests to solve У in a complex in the spirit of friendship У questions of a legal regime of bases, their rent (but not termless), and not only the status of the Russian military men, but also their fixed number. In a word, by results of a round of Russia it would be necessary to make two conclusions: in - the first, the new Ukrainian president is ready to the compromise; in - the second, Kuchma will not hang out the flag of truce, as in due time Kebich. He plays absolutely by other rules - and the reciprocity in relation to it is obligatory. Then the light future Russian - the Ukrainian relations is provided.