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The Latvian diet has confirmed the new government

a voting Outcome is predetermined in advance

Yesterday deputies of the Latvian diet have interrupted the vacation that at special session to confirm structure of the new government which the president of republic Guntis Ulmanis has charged to generate earlier to the leader of Movement for national independence of Latvia (DNNL) Andrejsu Krastinshu. Though voting has taken place already after number delivery in the press, its outcome has been predetermined. All political forces of Latvia, except for, certainly, DNNL (13 mandates possessing in a diet from 100), have converged that this government not to happen. From Riga correspondent VICTOR - ZAMYATIN transfers.

On the eve of voting the former prime minister - minister Valdis Birkavs kept confidently, positively estimating the activity in the head of the office and declaring that the government of its competitors has not enough chances to receive vote of confidence. About it wrote yesterday and all Russian-speaking newspapers of Riga, president Ulmanis hinted at the same in conversation with the journalists of leading editions of Russia invited to Latvia. Perhaps, to the most interesting in the history with the governmental crisis in Latvia was that the program of the candidate for premieres and a part of fraction DNNL supporting it almost word for word repeats the program of its predecessors - the Latvian way (LP). Practically there are no distinctions either in economic policy, or in national, concerning the law on the citizenship, which parliament of Latvia has confirmed on the eve of vacation.
the Confidence of the former government of is based on support of the majority of parliament (at the last minute LP have supported 4 deputies of Economic fraction. Besides, results of their work are highly enough regarded in republic, and local experts believe that the office of Krastinsha hardly could repeat them. And alignment of forces in a diet does a situation practically patovoj: supporters DNNL hardly will manage to create a steady coalition while and LP has no in an overwhelming majority diet (36 places). Prolongation of powers of Birkavsa - at least for two months becomes the Most probable exit in these conditions.