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Import of the Cuban sugar - a raw to Russia

the Cuban sugar has strongly stuck to Russia

the Problem of a crop of sugar - a raw made from a reed in Cuba in this season, last days seriously excited the world sugar public. Yesterday the Cuban state news agency AIN has extended the message with an estimation of prospects of an exit of the Cuban sugar industry from crisis which have appeared not too promising. As Russia - the importer of a raw largest for Cuba, has decided to address to a theme of import of the Cuban sugar, having estimated probability of change of volume of its deliveries. The Moscow representatives Cubazucar (the governmental organisation supervising export of sugar from the country) and company management Menatep - Impeks carrying out this year intergovernmental Russian - the Cuban report regarding sugar deliveries, was estimated by import prospects equally: The Cuban sugar will be is imported into Russia in former volumes.

the State news agency of Cuba AIN has informed yesterday that prospects of change of the reed industry to the best in this season not too obnadezhivajushchi. Quoting performance of the president of the country of Fidel Castro in the Cuban parliament, the agency has noticed that preliminary forecasts of a crop in a season 1993/ 94 gg - 4 million tons that below last year`s record-breaking bad level for the country. It is necessary to notice that 4 million tons is the best indicator, some western analysts predicting the Cuban crop in borders from 3,7 to 3,9 million of tons rather than assumed. Besides, even the published official forecast of a crop of this season while has preliminary character, and representatives Cubazucar in Moscow have informed the correspondent that, by some estimations, the crop of this season will make 4,5 million tons.
Despite weight of difficulties in the Cuban sugar industry, speaking, in - the first, by rupture of the adjusted channels of deliveries of fertilizers and spare parts from the former USSR, and in - the second, adverse for reed cultivation by weather conditions last two years, deliveries of the Cuban raw to Russia hardly will considerably be reduced. We will consider prospects of deliveries on each of three channels existing now: deliveries on interstate Russian - to the Cuban report, tolingovye deliveries which spends Cubazucar independently, and raw deliveries through the third companies.
sugar deliveries - a raw, passing according to conditions Russian - the Cuban report 1994 and carried out (for the first time this year on not budgetary basis) the company Menatep - Impeks go according to the plan. Let`s remind that the total amount of deliveries planned on this year, makes 1 million tons, and till August, 15th (the beginning of a season of processing of a sugar beet) it was supposed to put approximately 600 thousand tons of a raw, other part to import in the end of November - December when the Russian factories can pass from a beet to a raw. By today, according to a management Menatep - Impeks delivery of the first part of party is completely complete, in spite of the fact that in connection with the complexities which have arisen by winter with system definition kvotirovanija export of oil from Russia arrival of the first courts with a raw has begun after originally planned term. We will dare to assume that raw delay in delivery this year has played even a positive role in realisation of the intergovernmental report. As harvesting of a following season will begin in November - December, Cuba can have a possibility to execute report 1994 deliveries of sugar of a new crop.
the Second channel of receipt of the Cuban raw - carrying out of barter transactions most Cubazucar - too is not subject yet to real threat for at the expense of these deliveries the country receives spare parts so necessary for it now. By estimations Cubazucar, during the current year through barter to Russia will arrive to 200 thousand tons of a raw. And the third way - deliveries through transnational trading corporations (type E. D. Both F Man and Sucden) - will exist also for even at arising in this case price nakrutke in certain cases an optimum variant for Cuba is sugar sale through the similar companies, and interest of these firms to the capacious Russian market is quite clear.
As the sugar consumption level in Cuba makes approximately 0,5 million tons, and at definition prioritetnosti performance of obligations under the concluded contracts, according to Cubazucar, Russia wins first place to assume that crop decrease will have appreciable influence on import of a raw to Russia while it is premature.