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In Moscow the ground areas

Authorities of the capital are on sale are compelled to sell the land under habitation

Yesterday at session of the Moscow city commission on ground relations and town-planning the decision was accepted original enough, in our opinion. After unsuccessful attempts to sell the right of rent of two ground areas intended for building trading - office complex in It is new - Peredelkino, their special-purpose designation has been changed. Only one amendment - trading - office complex and habitation - has made these sites for investors attractive enough objects at competition which is spent on the instructions of Moskomzem by firm Tactics .

One of lacks of the ground competitions spent in Moscow, limitation in a choice of a special-purpose designation of the ground areas is. All earth in capital, according to the general plan of a development of the city, is already intended for definite purposes, and in spite of the fact that the general plan in many respects does not meet requirements of a city, it continues to be carried out today.
as practice of carrying out of the competitive auctions on the Moscow earth shows, the sites intended under building of habitation, and both many-storeyed, and low (cottages) use the greatest demand. And it it is no wonder: in - the first, an expense for housing construction below the sum of necessary investments of other commercial objects. In - the second, these projects also pay off faster, than in other directions of commercial building. Therefore to the Moscow authorities remains nothing how to operate by a principle zavlekalochki adding to unattractive conditions of competition (trading - office complex in It is new - Peredelkino can not justify itself) habitation building.
the ground areas Exposed on competition are located to the address Is new - Peredelkino, Bohr highway, 224, 225 and are intended, according to changed architecturally - planirovochnomu to the task, for housing construction in the block with trading - office centre. The starting price for the right of long-term rent of these ground areas makes according to $217 thousand and $240 thousand Area of sites - 0,38 hectares and 0,42 hectares.