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Passions on to the Crystal do not cease

the Federal authorities intend to do without arbitration

disputes round the decision of Federal management on affairs about an inconsistency (bankruptcy) do not abate to recognise as insolvent the largest manufacturer likero - vodka production in Russia - the Moscow factory the Crystal (wrote about it on August, 13th). Sharp statements have been about it made as from the authorities, and representatives of the factory. While in Federal management study documents, directors of the enterprises Russian spirit and likero - the vodka industry prepare the letter in the cabinet of the Russian Federation. So it is not excluded that shortly discussion of a question on bankruptcy the Crystal leaves on the state level.

At the moment problems the Crystal The Department on prevention of an inconsistency and affairs about bankruptcy of the enterprises of agriculture, a science and the social sphere, entering into Federal managements on affairs about an inconsistency (bankruptcy) is engaged. As the director of department Nadar Sarkisyan, a conclusion has declared insolvency " to the correspondent; the Crystal has been made by three criteria: to factor of current liquidity, security own means and to factor of restoration of solvency. The enterprise accounts payable makes for today 6,7 mlrd rbl. G - n Sarkisyan has underlined that activity of its department is directed on the decision of questions by means of extrajudicial procedures. So, studying of the materials, concerning economic activities " now comes to the end; the Crystal and accounting uchetnosti. Then departure of representatives of department is planned for the enterprise and acceptance together with administration of the decision on conclusion ways the Crystal from an insolvency condition.
the head of department is convinced that it is necessary to search for the reasons of the developed position not in the manufacture, and in that policy which the factory manager ` spends the Crystal ` . G - n Sarkisyan does not exclude that for the question decision it is necessary to hold meeting of shareholders the Crystal . By the way, now the factory controlling interest (51 %), belonging to the state, is transferred in conducting Federal management.
in turn the general director the Crystal Vladimir Jamnikov is convinced that its authority among shareholders is great enough. In conversation with the correspondent he has underlined that 14 years, and three weeks ago when the attention to the question on the director " again has been brought are the factory manager; the Crystal 96,5 % of shareholders have voted for it.
Vladimir Jamnikov considers that there is not a problem the Crystal and a problem of an excise policy of the state needing serious revision. According to the director, about it there is a speech in circulation which will arrive in the near future in the cabinet of the Russian Federation. This document has been accepted at meeting which has just come to the end in Novgorod of directors of the enterprises spirit and likero - vodka branch of Russia.
to take out decisions - business simple, - Vladimir Jamnikov has summed up. - Where it is more difficult to solve a problem with excises, to return to our production competitiveness and to provide thus receipt of means in treasury. It is possible to recognise as the bankrupt any, having lifted the tax rate, for example, to 100 % .