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Twentieth anniversary Pepsi in Russia

For 20 years at Pepsi became more taste

One of the most known soft drinks in Russia - Pepsi - Cola - 20 years are issued in it. Yesterday the personnel of Russian representative office Pepsi - Cola International (corporation PepsiCo divisions) celebrated this significant date. On a pleasure trip by the three-deck steam-ship “ Alexander Suvorov “ across the Moskva River and the channel it. Of Moscow besides the Russian employees of the company, members of their families and several reporters representatives of the higher management PepsiCo have taken part. The honourable chairman and one of the main shareholders PepsiCo Donald Kendl (Donald Kendall) became the central figure and the main hero of the festivities. It, being president Pepsi - Cola International, tried to attach to taste pepsi Nikita Sergeevicha Khruschev.

In the speech g - n Kendl has noticed that work on advancement of drinks Pepsi in the USSR has begun in 1959. Then at the first exhibition of the American goods in Moscow he has treated the Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev of that time with the well-known drink. This fact did not remain not noticed by mass media and was of great importance for the company. Then PepsiCo spent the massed advertising campaign under a slogan “ Communicate, drink Pepsi “. And that fact that the first person of the one sixth part of a land too can is civilised communicate and thus to use pepsi, there were rather suitable companies. For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that pepsi it was not pleasant to the Soviet leader. He named a drink “ too sweet “. Then the big time Pepsi in the USSR has not come yet.
later, at the time of a discharge, Pepsi has paid attention to the Russian strategic product “ not rocket “ properties. Speech about the well-known Russian vodka. According to general agreement 1972, the company begins deliveries in the concentrate country pepsi in exchange for vodka. Already then feature of strategy Pepsi which imported half-finished products (raw materials) into the USSR was distinctly showed, and took out finished goods.
but the present start PepsiCo in Russia has taken place only in 1974. On the line mounted in Novorossisk manufacture of the drink spilt in bottles in capacity of 0,33 l has begun. For the past of 20 years the volume of its release in Russia has grown in tens times: now pepsi - kolu let out approximately 20 factories in different regions of the country. The company has established the most productive lines at Ochakovsky factory in Moscow and in St.-Petersburg. Their capacity makes 12 thousand bottles in capacity of 2 l for which advertising agency BBDO has thought up a slogan “ the Big taste Pepsi “.
this year installation of one more line at Ochakovsky factory is expected. And the pioneer on release Pepsi to Russia, factory in Novorossisk, should start in the near future release of drinks Pepsi in banks. The company also intends to develop in Russia the network fast food - snackbars Pizza Hut and to expand sales volume of other foodstuff - first of all chips Frito Lay.
Donald Kendl who has already departed from affairs is rather optimistically adjusted in relation to business PepsiCo in Russia. He considers that here there is no company, at which “ there are such prospects “. However, however consists that in the same segment of the Russian market the basic competitor PepsiCo - The Coca - Cola Co rather dynamically develops. And its long-term backlog from PepsiCo is gradually reduced.
according to managers of Russian representation Pepsi “ the good competitor does not allow to stand “. It compels to find new marketing decisions, to speed up own work. Thus traditional production of these companies, drinks Pepsi - Cola and Cokå, have an identical weight category - drinks “ the international class “. However in Russia they are positioned all - taki on - to a miscellaneous. The consumer by force of habit considers pepsi “ more Soviet “ a drink. However, it is improbable that such estimation can damage the companies at expansion of sales volumes.
unfortunately, despite solemnity of date, from New York sad news to the company arrive. As of June, 7th share price PepsiCo in New York has fallen on $1 1/ 8 and has made $34 5/ 8. Known agency Goldman Sachs has excluded this paper from the list recommended, and also has lowered figures of incomes of the company in the forecast. All these conclusions have been made on the basis of bad financial results of activity of restaurant division of the company.