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Yury Luzhkov`s visit to Lithuania

the Mayor begins campaign for cancellation of food duties

the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov on August, 19th will visit Vilnius with one-day official visit. In the trip program - meetings with the government and the president of the Lithuanian Republic, and also with the orthodox archbishop Vilensky and Lithuanian Hrizostomom. The official purpose - agreement signing about trading - economic cooperation of Moscow and Lithuania. The real purpose, apparently, - with calling through Vilnius to achieve cancellation of food duties.

Generally speaking, for meetings of the Lithuanian and Russian officials there is a weight of actual occasions. A number Russian - the Lithuanian agreements is not settled; the Russian authorities affairs of Russian community in Lithuania very poorly are engaged in. Here Luzhkov intends to bring the mite - it will meet with okormljajushchim mainly Russian flock archbishop Hrizostomom and will communicate to representatives of the Union of teachers of Lithuania whom the Moscow mayor carries for a long time an expected gift - 7 tons of school textbooks in Russian.
however the main task of the mayor - to achieve contract signing About trading - economic cooperation of Moscow and the Lithuanian Republic . The mayoralty expects to come into direct trading contacts with a most favoured nation treatment establishment the economic subject of both parties . Actually it means duty-free trade of Moscow with Lithuania. The basic subject of the Lithuanian export to Russia - the foodstuffs, and the contract would punch a gap in entered since July, 1st and food duties sharply criticised by Luzhkov. And one gap in a customs barrier means its actual abolition. At first sight, calculation is naive, for tariffs out of Luzhkov`s competence. However the mayor has a wide experience of the creative reference with the federal legislation (a residence permit, privatisation, foreigners), and almost always the federal authorities with more or less good mine receded.
Luzhkov`s visit as the subject of international law for the clear reasons causes the jealous relation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, but is not excluded, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the supporter of food duties vitse - prime minister Zaverjuha will be compelled to capitulate.