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Session of the Moscow thought

Projects of the Moscow mayoralty have not been up to the end discussed

the Moscow thought has begun yesterday discussion essentially important for a business climate of Moscow of questions: about the new tax to a residence permit in a city and about the right of a private property to the earth. However adoption of law About target gathering on indemnification of expenses of the city budget on development of an infrastructure of a city and maintenance socially - conditions of life of the citizens arriving to Moscow and decisions On regulation ground and property pravootnosheny in Moscow for the period before acceptance of Bases of the ground legislation of the Russian Federation it has been postponed without day.

the Project of the city law on the tax to a residence permit in Moscow, brought by the mayor of Moscow and rejected yesterday members of a thought, provides obligatory deductions in the city budget the citizens, arrived to live in capital. Under the law, all physical persons owning habitation in Moscow should bring a payment for a residence permit. Thus the payment directly depends on citizenship of newly appeared Muscovites. Some of them, in the presence of good reasons, the commission at the city government can lower the gathering rate - but no more than on 30 %.
it is curious that the bill has caused the unanimous criticism of all participants of session, but for absolutely different reasons. According to one part of deputies, the high rate of the tax will close access to a city to those owners of habitation who have inherited real estate or in a gift. Thus, these deputies consider, the city would become economically inaccessible to many. Thereupon deputy Michael Moskvin - Tarhanov has declared: We set an example on which the federation can be taken away on specific princedoms . At the same time its opponents asserted that a freedom in choosing of the place of residence will flood Moscow with people unnecessary us . Under the pressure of all it representatives of the mayoralty have removed the project from discussion.
the second document rejected yesterday - about the earth - also has been submitted for consideration the Moscow thought by mayor Luzhkov. In the decision project it is unequivocally told: At registration ground and property pravootnosheny in Moscow transfer of the city earths to a private property is not made . Thus the government of Moscow in the name of Luzhkov referred to contradictions in presidential decrees about sale of the ground areas physical and to legal bodies.
According to the project, using the city ground areas in all cases excludes transfer of these earths to private possession. Besides, the decision does not grant the right to possession of a ground even in the event that it is occupied under private structures. The greatest, on what the proprietor of real estate, - possession of the earth as rent can count thus. In this context are quite clear and natural to make attempts of members of a thought to the document the amendments changing the concept offered by the mayor of ground relations in Moscow.
in the amendments to the project of the decision participants of session have suggested to keep inviolability of the city earths only within the Central district. In other areas it was offered to admit earth alienation in a private property. Besides it, some amendments resolved transfer to a private property of the earths concerning territories attached earlier to Moscow.
however absence of quorum has not allowed Duma members to spend all amendments, and project discussion has been stopped.