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Sergey Debizheva`s television program

Carthago again - taki should be destroyed

Yesterday RosTV has shown the new program from a cycle Solo - Carthago . It was removed by the known Petersburg artist and film director Sergey Debizhev with the assistance of joint-stock company Krejt (St.-Petersburg).

the Program is named Carthago though, probably, the name of other ancient city is more pertinent here. There is no saying, whether was Babylon mnogojazychie next Solo planned, but anyway it makes impression. Sergey Debizhev sets to three known Muscovites (regarding the first) and to four not less known Petersburgers (regarding the second) a little eternal questions: about life, the state, culture.
it is obvious that these three concepts the confusion of its interlocutors is closely interfaced and so obvious to Debizheva (especially in the first series). Oleg Yankovsky willingly agrees with idea of systematic and ill-intentioned intrusion of the American culture. Sergey Solovev, on the contrary, rejects thought on malicious intention though it is assured that moronity and idiocy of the American cinema are international and consequently are a success on all continents. Alexander Adabashjan develops the theory about third world war going now. Boris Grebenshchikov speaks about ways of moral development, a prana, meditation and utility for human life of knowledge of death. But it seems, anybody from them cannot answer a main point: whether the interviewer or, like its friend Sergey Kuryokhin is serious, does interlocutors by characters of the next parody., In turn, whether not clearly, seriously Yankovsky declares to spectators that Russia it Not to overcome, and Nightingales argues on psychodelic influence of Hollywood, or both remember the well-known transfer mushrooms and try to correspond . And Kuryokhin, naturally, appears in the second action, gallantly having passed before itself B. G
About what speak leningradtsy (plus to above-named artists Victor Tikhomirov and Anatoly Belkin) - any role does not play. Everyone about the. But their bird`s language to public if is not clear, is curious. At least because it is clear: on the screen one company playing one game. A role of the Captain - passing. This time it was incurred by Debizhev.
It begins transfer with fragments from own films (always removes about same - about life, the state, culture), the computer graphics " then enters; Krejta . Contemplation of continuously transformed pictures does unessential the offscreen text. But the author of transfer leads up a situation to the point of irrationality, with an enviable pedantry illustrating words which nobody listens. The mention of the Mysterious East accompanies display of mountain tops, about Blavatskaya - an interior with burning candles and the book, reasonings on spirituality and power - a panorama with the Chinese pagoda. The attraction would be deadly to any another. But Debizhev - one of the most graceful stylists among the directors working with the documentary image, - presumes to itself lovely prank. And at the same time, together with a philosophical discourse to take and intellectual cinema with its become the priest - culture stamps. The hand on a wall in a room of Grebenshchikova moves in the opposite direction, interview to Solovevym is made in the negative image, conversation occurs to Yankovsky and Adabashjanom as if at the bottom of a huge aquarium: the image floats, washed away by water. However, uvlekshis parodying, Debizhev steals up to that side behind which it seems to the spectator that the author - the layman for the first time opening for of possibility of a movie camera.
in the end of the program Sergey Kuryokhin declares: Let the inhabitant reflektiruet, we should give it food for a reflexion . It looks a lovely joke. After all it would be strange to hope that the spectator seriously otreflektiruet conversations on expansion American the priest - cultures or cinema psihodelike, when a delicacy of the offered video image - the best proof of a rationality of the newest computer technologies. However, probably, the material for a reflexion, that is the substantial party of the program, is worthy more humane relation. If only not to assume that for Debizheva the maintenance, that is ideology, and is that Carthago which it takes out in the title and which as the inhabitant at the rate remembers stories, should be destroyed.