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Andrey Kozyreva`s foreign tour

Major principle OESR - help itself, and to you will help

To Paris the summer, and with it - never-ending holidays, festivals, celebrations has come. At cinemas on the Champs Elysee continue to show films - winners of Cannes, not far off the termination and other film festival - Parisian. The musical holidays bearing names of great composers of the past, replace each other as in a kaleidoscope. But not only culture events occupy today minds of Parisians. The reporting from France spetskorrespondenta SERGEY - TSEHMISTRENKO.

Frenchmen had not time to endure event of semicentenial prescription - holiday D - day as the turn of other performance - elections coming on this week in EuroParliament has come. Everywhere in the Parisian streets the pre-election posters, mainly one candidate - Jean - Mari Le Pan and its National front are evident. Is not present to the Maastricht Europe, we will rescue from it Frenchmen - here the basic slogan of the French nationalists. Not casually were these days in France US president Bill Clinton, acting in National meeting, named aggressive nationalism unique alternative to strong Europe in the expanded structure . However, and in the Europe understand that there is no other way to the future, except deepening of the European integration. And the visit which has begun on Tuesday of Andrey Kozyreva to Paris became the proof to that.
signing of two agreements by Russia with the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OESR), one of leaders in the world became its main purpose. Yesterday the Russian minister on the one hand, secretary general OESR Jean - Claude Peej and the chairman of session asking in Paris For suggestions the organisations, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland Dik Springs have fastened to another the signatures the declaration on cooperation between Russia and OESR and the agreement between the government of Russia and OESR about privileges and immunities of the organisation in Russia. This most, according to Kozyreva, Moscow has established the official connexion with last organisation from number the world closed clubs .
Help itself, and we will help you - here main principle OESR. It also was created for an exchange of opinions, experience and mutual support of its members in search of the most effective models and market economy levers. Having received in OESR the status of the observer, Russia can participate in work of some its committees and bodies, to receive recommendations and is advisory - technical assistance on a course of economic reforms, the help in a professional training, and also access to extensive databases of the organisation. Moscow counts and that the status of the observer will facilitate inflow of foreign investments, will promote strengthening financially - bank system. And by that it will help faster and to be integrated into world economy more without serious consequences.
it is impossible to tell that contacts of Russia with OESR have begun only yesterday: the organisation already co-operated with Moscow in a number of programs on conversion, statistics, agriculture, foreign trade. With its help some actions within the limits of privatisation, procedures of bankruptcies and an antimonopoly policy have been prepared. But till now this interaction had the limited character and occurred at level of separate Russian departments. Now this separation is overcome, but the main thing depends on Russia - normalisation of an economic situation in the country and irreversibility of reforms. Otherwise, if we, on a trope of Kozyreva, begin to invent a bicycle asserting that economic laws are unacceptable for Russia, or if us will throw in marasmus or a socialism already anybody and anything will not help us.
for economic successes it is necessary also political stability, and not only in Russia, but also in Europe in general. Local mass-media have paid attention to Clinton words that for Europe on - former is necessary a military umbrella of the USA . Session of Council of the NATO and Council of North Atlantic cooperation in Istanbul where Kozyrev goes today will be devoted safety problems. Will tell about session on Saturday.