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AT &T again accuse of monopolism

the American neomonopolist has started to operate

Two powerful regional American telecommunication companies, Bell Atlantic and Nynex, have brought an action against firms AT &T and McCaw Cellular Communications. The last have decided to unite, and, to horror of competitors, antimonopoly bodies of the USA have resolved recently merge. However, judging by last information of Financial Times, Bell Atlantic and Nynex have not reconciled that the question is solved - and have presented to court the arguments.

After last year the American billionaire Krejg Makkou declared the decision to sell the firm McCaw Cellular of the largest telecommunication corporation AT &T for $12,6 mlrd (told about it), the department of justice of the USA has started scrupulous studying of the file of both participants of the transaction. Studying proceeded the whole year, however long-suffering AT &T and McCaw Cellular eventually has been rewarded: on July, 16th the justice department has given the consent on marriage .
Bell Atlantic and Nynex have reacted quickly and have declared that merge of the American cellular operator #1 (McCaw) with simple #1 on telecommunications in America (AT &T) will necessarily undermine a fair competition in the market of services of cellular communication in the USA. To AT &T and McCaw Cellular the western press does not result any less standard charges. Participants of a created alliance too are silent: representative McCaw was limited only to the statement that its firm has come into contact with Southwestern Bell (regional division AT &T), that to expand a set of services offered clients .
However, its statements it has appeared enough that independent experts have drawn a conclusion on aspiration of the new union to undivided rule in the market of mobile telecommunication. McCaw Cellular and Southwestern Bell can begin cooperation after all formalities with association McCaw and AT &T will be finished (prospective date - on September, 30th). The new cellular operator will work under mark AT &T which since a birth is known by any American, and clients of this operator can potentially become 80 million persons. Realisation of similar plans is capable to turn all North American market of a telecommunication service.