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Conference in the mayoralty of Moscow

Yury Luzhkov has received one more post

Yesterday in the Moscow mayoralty conference of Popechitelnogo of council of law enforcement bodies of Moscow has taken place. Representatives of commercial structures present on it, including the Bridge - bank, Inkombanka, MENATEP, bank Capital and also Offices of Public Prosecutor and militias discussed questions of the further activity of the council which charter has been registered still two years ago. The Chairman of the council unanimously selects Yury Luzhkov.

In an opening address the mayor has noticed that popechitelnomu council should work in the conditions of difficult kriminogennoj conditions which have developed in a city, when actions of criminals even more often get character of acts of terrorism . Therefore a main objective of work of council becomes Mobilisation not only material, but also moral resources for struggle against offenders . In particular, g - n Luzhkov has specified in necessity of attraction of the population to rendering of the feasible help of militia in search of criminals. The mayor considers that informing by citizens of law enforcement bodies cannot be regarded as the denunciation or jabednichestvo - after all is a question of observance of norms of the law . G - n Luzhkov has informed also that the government of Moscow is interested in work popechitelnogo council at least because it is disturbed by general buying up of the enterprises by mafia structures for nothing, and it discredits the privatisation program .
the President of the Moscow fund of development of law enforcement bodies Igor Turov has told that work of this fund, as well as activity of others created at popechitelnom council of funds of the help to militiamen, is already adjusted. So, recently workers of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow and their family have received from fund one thousand free permits to Cyprus. As considers g - n Rounds, the primary goal of council should consist in coordination of work of funds.
the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Alexander Kondrashev has informed on creation from police officers of special divisions, including for protection of banks. Besides it, in the mayoralties of Moscow and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia offers on strengthening of bodies of militia by groups of internal troops are now considered. When the gathered have passed to discussion of nominees to supervising posts of council, g - n Kondrashev has offered itself as the first deputy of the chairman, motivating it with that in council should be the skilled militiaman . However, as the chairman has noticed the Bridge - bank Vladimir Gusinsky, among a management necessarily there should be representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor and court, differently militiamen will take away all money to themselves . For spiritual support of trustees by one of assistants it is offered to select the archbishop of the Solnechnogorsky father Sergija who is a part of council. Definitively nominees of vice-presidents popechitelnogo council will be specified later.