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! Petera Stein`s new performance

Antiquity is fine not so much, how many is majestic

At festival in Salzburg a series of displays of new statement of Petera Stein has come to the end. Shakespearean “ Antony and Cleopatra “ steels for the well-known German director continuation of the next digression to history of the antiquity, begun half a year back Moscow “ Oresteej “

Stein admitted Moscow that it “ Russian “ (Chekhovian) period while is finished. Now more all well-known director interests antique plots and dramatic art of German romanticists. Digression to the antiquity, begun in the autumn at Theatre of the Russian army, Stein has continued at festival in Salzburg, having addressed to a Shakespearean statement of history about Antonii and Cleopatra. Its this statement is much shorter “ Orestei “ - performance goes only four hours and keeps within one evening. In the rest the situation reminds Moscow a star cast - Cleopatra - Edit the Clover (Edith Clever), Antony - Hans Michel Reberg (Hans Michael Rehberg), Ottavy - Michel Merten (Michael Maerten) - moderate spectator success and criticism responses in general benevolent, but far from delight.
as well as “ Orestee “ the love story of the man and the woman interests Stein in last turn. The sensuality is absolutely expelled from performance. Salzburg “ Antony and Cleopatra “ is a history of force and weakness, race for power and political intrigues. And experience history - shown on a scene in an image of protagonists. The grey hair of Antonija and Cleopatra`s withering person - is not so much call to representation of the European spectator about “ fine antiquity “ but also an indispensable condition of the game started by Stein. After all it, as always, puts performance about today, performance - reflexion about destinies of Europe and the world, for which antiquity - only beautiful fantastic plot. On Stein, antiquity is fine not so much, how many is majestic.
creation on a modern scene of a majestic show lasting many hours - a problem almost impracticable. History “ Orestei “ - indisputable to volume the proof. Stein and feels it, trying more clearly, than in Moscow, to show to public many-sided nature of scenic images, having shown both force, and weakness of the Hero. Reviewers have noted much more difficult, than usually at Stein, treatment of an image Antonija. This resolute, artful and cruel military leader - such has seen and its Cleopatra has fallen in love - hardly does not faint, having learnt about death of Fulvii, and, having received news about Cleopatra`s  destruction, inconsolably sobs on a shoulder at Erota. God of love performed by Karstena Vojta (Carsten Voigt), admittedly, also one of unconditional udach performance.
but lucky finds and expressive images and do not develop in a uniform plot. Stein, the philologist by training, as always, vnimatelnejshim has read in the image the text, but has not found an adequate scenic metaphor. Careful reproduction of a letter of the play almost has absolutely expelled Shakespearean spirit from statement. Result which still seems paradox though in the history of theatre so happened time and again.