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The congress of the USA has helped an aircraft industry

the American aviafirms the American manufacturers of easy passenger planes with optimism have found a justice on consumers

have apprehended that circumstance that the Congress of the USA in the beginning of August has approved the bill providing decrease of term of warranty service of planes by their manufacturers till 18 years since delivery of cars. Under messages of newspapers Handelsblatt and USA Today, it is supposed that in the near future president Clinton will sign the decree about coming into force of the decision of the Congress.

In the USA since pre-war times the network of local transportations by easy planes by capacity from 6 to 35 passengers is very developed. The park of these cars, by some estimations, exceeds 30 thousand planes. However approximately from the middle 70 - h years the North American market of small aircraft is mastered most advantageously by Europeans, first of all, Svenska Aeroplan AB, italo - the French consortium ATR and British Aerospace. The American manufacturers of easy planes began to lose the positions. Too big operational cycle American aircraft technicians slows down park updating, and service of the planes which are on a limit of a resource, demands from firms of the big expenses. The decision of the congress not only reduces warranty service terms, but also helps firms to get rid of excessive claims of buyers.
legislative privileges urged to facilitate a difficult situation in which there are leading American manufacturers of small planes of firm, first of all firms Cessna Aircraft Co. And Piper Aircraft Corp. However, president General Aviation Manufacturers Association of Ed Stimpson (Ed Stimpson) considers that a congress verdict Not completely satisfies branch, but, anyway, it can help . According to association forecasts, within the next five years the annual turnover on branch should increase to $3 mlrd, and number of the personnel occupied in it will increase on 25 thousand persons. However these will not manage to compensate heavy losses of last decade. In this time work in branch have lost about 100 thousand persons, sale was reduced from 13 thousand planes in 1965 - 1982 to 500 in 1993.
against Piper since July, 1991 debt office-work according to article 11 of the Law about bankruptcy of the USA is conducted. To firm debt claims for $40 million on its guarantee service have been put forward. It unreasonably great sum for the company with an annual turnover about $50 million Thus many of the planes which owners demanded from firm of indemnification of losses, have been constructed 20 or even 30 years ago. Piper has been compelled to reduce sharply the personnel (from 2 thousand The person in 80 - e years to 380 now) and to begin difficult legal and creditor trials. The Congress decision was considerably improved by mood of administration Piper, and now the company hopes to understand with claims till the end of 1994.
Cessna, company Textron Inc affiliated firm., is in slightly best position, than Piper. Anyway it is not threatened yet with bankruptcy. However and it has been compelled to curtail manufacture of the planes, 5600 employees Cessna now basically are occupied by repair work. After the introduction of the law owing to Cessna hopes that it can increase the personnel by 1500 persons and again start to let out one - and two-engined small planes.
it is visible, is better it was possible to transfer proceeding 8 years on end recession to firm Beech Aircraft (affiliated concern Raytheon companies). Its planes Baron and Bonanza in cost from $256 thousand to $586 thousand are in great demand, than cars Cessna and Piper.