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The claim to Tihonu Hrennikovu

the Union of composers the editor-in-chief of publishing house " has written an opera

Yesterday; the Composer Vladimir Pikul has submitted to Hamovnichesky intermunicipal court of Moscow the claim on DM33,5 thousand to the chairman of the Union of composers of Tihonu Hrennikovu. In opinion g - on Pikulja, for this sum its teacher has caused it mental cruelty, having achieved excitation against g - on Pikulja of criminal case who, however, has been twice stopped twice.

Vladimir Pikul has told to the correspondent that the conflict between it and Tihonom Hrennikovym has begun autumn of 1991 when Pikul has tried to force Soviet - the American joint venture Art and electronics to pay a rent for use of premises of publishing house. As has found out g - n Pikul, the joint venture did not have a lease contract, and there was only oral order of Tihona Hrennikova to the director of publishing house The Soviet composer to Boris Korotkov to give a premise to firm. In opinion g - on Pikulja, it is connected with personal friendship of the president of the joint venture Alexander Tchaikovsky with g - nom Hrennikovym. G - n Pikul also has declared that possesses trustworthy information that business trip of the respondent in the USA in the end of 1991 has been paid the joint venture. On October, 28th, 1991 the claimant has directed g - well to Tchaikovsky the letter with the request to put to publishing house of 5 computers as a payment for a premise. The joint venture did not begin to refuse essentially delivery, but, having referred to absence of the representative of the American side, has asked a delay.
by words g - on Pikulja, g - n Hrennikov which has got used to indisputable authoritativeness of the orders, was indignant and has started to search for the compromising evidence on the pupil. Also has found.
in 1991 Pikul has helped the relative of subjected to repression composer Roslavtsa Efrosine Roslavets to publish its products in the German publishing house SHott . By words g - on Pikulja, it has received for the help commission - DM33,5 thousand which has spent for training of children in Germany. Having learnt about it g - n Hrennikov has considered that g - n Pikul has illegally appropriated DM33,5 thousand which should belong to the Union of composers. Therefore on May, 6th, 1991 under the initiative g - on Hrennikova the Union of Composers of the USSR has submitted the case to Office of Public Prosecutor Frunze RUVD.
the Office of Public Prosecutor has brought against Pikulja criminal case about assignment of public money resources . But in half a year has put have stopped in the absence of crime structure. And in March, 1992 at the desire of the Union of composers of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow has again brought action on these facts, but it has been again stopped in the absence of crime structure.
during the investigation g - on Pikulja dismissed from a post of the editor-in-chief of publishing house " twice; the Composer . But he has started to have legal proceedings and it twice - at first Fruznensky court, and then Tver - have restored on work as the Union of composers has not proved abusing of Pikulem the office position. However on August, 3rd, 1994 Pikulja have dismissed from the Composer having reduced a post of the editor-in-chief.
now Vladimir Pikul has considered that consequences and courts have caused to it serious moral and a material damage also has sued on DM33,5 thousand to the main thing, in its opinion, the originator - Tihonu Hrennikovu. Itself g - n Hrennikov has refused to make comments to court to the correspondent on this conflict, having declared only that it is glad to the successful justification of Pikulja .