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Problems of relations of Russia from the NATO

In the NATO do not divide ideas of Moscow about the future

August - traditional it is time holidays and calm in political life of northern hemisphere. But many politicians prefer to combine useful with pleasant, anyhow reacting to occurring events or stating an estimation to the past. Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrev has combined rest in Sochi with a writing of article about mutual relations of Russia with the NATO which was published past Wednesday by the Bruxelles magazine of NATO Revue. The main idea of article consists that on a way of adjustment of interaction of Russia with the West of invincible obstacles is not present, however the original partnership can be only equal in rights.

After signing by Russia on June, 22nd programs of cooperation with the NATO Partnership for the sake of the world there was inevitably a question: And what further? . Answering it, Kozyrev focuses attention that today Russia and the NATO countries in essence are the states from similarly thinking, members of one, democratic community of the nations. But at the same time from their mutual relations should be excluded paternalism notes it is equal as the veto on actions each other or surprises weakening mutual trust. Thereby the minister has as though allowed to understand I Will sink down that Russia has definitively refused requirement to give to it the veto on NATO decisions if they infringe on the Russian strategic interests. In this connection it is obviously important that in the recent article of Bonn magazine Europaeische Sicherheit devoted to problems of the future of the NATO, the question on the right of Moscow on the veto is treated as follows: Russia as a constant member of UNSF and without that can actually put a veto for the missions of the NATO which are subject almost always to obligatory authorisation by the world community. And this in itself guarantees to it special position on consultations on safety of any level.
as to the future North Atlantic alliance here Kozyrev has brought up again a question that the NATO it is necessary to continue adaptation to to real requirements of the European safety and more closely to co-operate with the organisation, playing it a key role, - SBSE. won cold war SBSE in the best way personifies the main idea of postconfrontational development of Europe it is marked in article. And the program Partnership for the sake of the world represents only one of adjustment directions military - political interaction. Other directions, according to the minister, are cooperation in the area of Council of North Atlantic cooperation (SSAS), and also development of a network of two-way communications between Russia, the countries of the NATO and SSAS. Here it is necessary to notice, as natovtsy similar ideas do not support, acting, on the contrary, for strengthening of a role of an alliance. As many western experts believe, in the near future the NATO does not have European alternative. The proof to that is actual powerlessness SBSE in the decision of regional conflicts (eks - Yugoslavia, Nagornyj Karabah), especially appreciable against successful actions of the block (for example, all in the same Bosnia). And to the global purpose of the NATO - establishments of the all-European world and an order - it is still very far, and the states of the Eastern Europe will constantly remind of it, applying for the same level of safety (that is almost absolute) what members of the NATO have some decades.