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The protest of Novosibirsk consumers union

the Soviet laws

Novosibirsk consumers union became the Reason of disagreements has informed yesterday on intention to protest the order of the assistant to the head of regional administration, which the companies Rosgosstrakh - Inteks carrying out in territory of area of obligatory insurance of the structures belonging to citizens is entrusted.

the Beginning of this history has put the order of the assistant to the head of administration of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Kiselyov from March, 14th, 1994. This order of the company Rosgosstrakh - Inteks it is entrusted to provide full gathering of payments on obligatory insurance of structures belonging to citizens by September, 1st of current year. As it is visible from the name, the company is included into system of the state insurance corporation Rosgosstrakh Being pravopreemnitsej State fear Managements across the Novosibirsk region. Rosgosstrakh - Inteks has reserved a network of branches of the former system (58 branches in Novosibirsk and area), and also many old clients.
soon in Novosibirsk consumers union complaints from the local residents asserting that " began to arrive; Rosgosstrakh - Inteks referring to the order zamglavy administrations, insists on insurance of private structures. Thus representatives of the company demand, that structures were insured only at them, and prisoners with other companies insurance contracts declare void.
in this connection the consumers union of the Novosibirsk region has declared the intention to submit the protest in the Insurance union of Russia and the State antimonopoly committee (GKAP) concerning actual revival in the field of obligatory insurance of structures belonging to citizens and company granting Rosgosstrakh - Inteks (Novosibirsk) of a monopoly on conducting this kind of insurance.
the Union position was supported by Rosstrahnadzor, and also the International confederation of societies of consumers. In their opinion, the order zamglavy regional administration leans on obsolete the Decree of Presidium VS of the USSR of 1981, really providing obligatory insurance of structures belonging to citizens.
business, however, has appeared completely not simple. As has explained in telephone conversation with deputy head Rosstrahnadzora Boris Novikov, acts of the USSR for obligatory insurance of the structures belonging to citizens, it is formal are cancelled by nobody (that, maybe, and not so it is bad if to remember recent disasters in Bashkiria). By words g - on Novikova, this problem was discussed by representatives of Rosstrahnadzora, the Ministry of Finance and GKI. It has been as a result decided to leave this point in question to the discretion of local authorities: That is, if local authorities wish to reanimate obligatory insurance of property, they quite are able to do it. The Novosibirsk authorities in the conditions of an acute shortage of means have not missed possibility to fill up the local budget. However, even in this situation investment of one insurance company with a monopoly quite conduct obligatory insurance can to be challenged. Or, if anything else does not remain, it is morally condemned.