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The Pentagon develops the new weapon

the Following war there will be war of knowledge

a Leading military expert of the Pentagon Andrew Marshal recently officially has warned Minister of Defence William Perr about the increasing backlog of America in working out and introduction of new kinds of arms and osvaivanii perspective methods of conducting operations. Present arms of the USA the Marshal named a huge dump of garbage which threatens to crush army . Last week already told about working out by the Pentagon of new kinds of arms. The information from last issue Der Spiegel continues this theme. Here some of novelties about which it was possible to learn to the German journalists.

From submarines start reasonable rockets: At approach to a tank column they will share on hundreds the small warheads operated noise sensor controls, reacting to noise of engines of tanks and precisely directing on them warheads. The battlefield will be supervised by the so-called interval weapon - the automatic flying machines equipped with cruise missiles. These devices amaze the set purposes and observe of them, until then while move though any subjects. The mines which have been adjusted on recognition and defeat only of the tank and transport technics of the opponent prepare. Computer viruses and shock bombs will put out of action information and prospecting systems of the opponent. The global computer communication system will connect all divisions and even the smallest groups of soldiers participating in operations, and will instantly notify on change of a situation of all soldiers and officers of division.
In the Pentagon have already passed tests penomety, throwing out for a fraction of a second such quantity of heavy, sticky and instantly stiffening substance that attacking (for example, the terrorist or the gangster) appears paralysed and not capable to any to physical actions. Laser installations will blind the opponent, frequency generators will make its a sick, a panic and confusion. Superslippery substances at which application enemies will fall at any movement are created. On moving vehicles there will be vystrelivatsja a foil sticking round the car and closing the review to the driver. The substances transforming water and gasoline in jelly, unsuitable for the use are created. Already there are the supersticky coverings, capable to stop even the tank. Dispersion of carbonaceous threads over airdromes will cause short circuit in electroconducting of planes and will put them out of action.
but the main role in future wars is given the soldier. Military experts are uniform in opinion that in hypothetical military conflicts of the future not number of army and at all its nuclear arsenals, and " will be the main thing; war of knowledge that is degree of possession of staff applied highly technological it is information - communication skills.
here, for example, the description of American infantry project Exo - Man - the ordinary soldier of the army of the XXI-st century. He is dressed in a camouflage, capable to change colouring depending on environment. On a head - a helmet with an easy gas mask and the device of night vision, a trunk and hands are protected by easy bulletproof clothes. The helmet is supplied electronic ears catching both strengthening noise and specifying a place of their origin. By a word of the soldier the infra-red or radar radiator which will appear through walls will join and to specify an arrangement of mines underground. At conducting operations in city conditions round the soldier will fly small vertoletik in size with toy model of the plane. By order of the soldier it will be put forward, for example, towards suspicious noise or objects and to hand over to the soldier in a helmet the visual or text information on their source.
the great-grandfather Exo - Man - the project which has received name SIPE (Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble - the integrated protective system of the soldier) is already tested on the Californian range the Fort - Irvin. The first battalion generated from the soldiers armed with system SIPE, has spent educational fight against special motorised shooting regiment Opfor which is considered the most schooled educational division of the world.
SIPE - soldiers during doctrines have suffered defeat. While?