Rus News Journal

The armed touch in Moscow

Robbers have lost a grenade and a part of the stolen money

On Thursday evening in the Central administrative district of Moscow the attack on a change has been made. Robbers have mortally wounded from the automatic machine of the security guard of point and have stolen 35 million roubles and $1040. Running out from a building, criminals in addition have blown up a grenade. To catch them yet it was not possible.

Nearby 20. 00 car Mercedes has approached on the house #15 in the Big Rejaslavsky street - 280 in which there were four persons. Three from them left the car and have risen on the fifth floor of the house, in a premise which is rented under office by the Afghani intermediary firm SHerhan (the firm handed over a part of a premise in subrent under a change of Jalosbanku). When criminals have approached to point, they were stopped by security guard Igor Neretin. But has been mortally wounded by criminals from the automatic machine (the bullet has got to the security guard to a head and he has died before arrival first aid ) . Then gangsters have entered into exchange point, have taken away the large sum of money from the safe and have run out from a building. About an exit one of gangsters (it is probable, for secure) has thrown a grenade which, truth, at explosion has not caused harm to anybody. Other criminal at the moment of explosion has stumbled and has dropped the grenade. On its happiness, the grenade has not worked. The third robber has on the run dropped a pack of small denominations which have scattered downwind. This circumstance has helped them as local residents observing of events have rushed to raise money. In the arisen turmoil robbers managed to disappear. It is interesting that on a sound of explosion of a grenade two local militiamen have come running to a scene. However they have not noticed neither escaping gangsters, nor a grenade rolling on asphalt.
only through an hour and a half place of an attack it has been surrounded by employees of OMON, and pyrotechnics of military Office of Public Prosecutor have withdrawn not blown up grenade. For search of motor vehicle Mercedes - 280 on which criminals have disappeared, the person on duty on a city of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs declared the plan Interception - the centre . The roads adjoining to a scene, have been blocked, however the car of criminals has completely disappeared. But nearby to a scene militiamen have found out the car the Muscovite 2141 which appeared in search as stolen. By the night militiamen, having established on testimony number of a motor vehicle which criminals have used, have detained its owner. It is now found out, whether it had any relation to armed attack or criminals have stolen it Mercedes specially for touch fulfilment. Besides, police officers had been detained two living in the house #15 the Afghan which soon after an attack have tried suspiciously quickly to disappear .
In conversation with the correspondent the chief of department on public relations Jalosbanka Igor Koroteyev has informed that some days before an attack the exchange office has passed in conducting other commercial structure. But he has found it difficult to name, who exactly now posesses point.