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The market of microtechnical devices

- Ligatehnologija allows to make various devices and microstructures with the sizes to one micrometer, at relations of heights to the lateral sizes to 1 thousand times, of metals, polymers, ceramics, glass and other materials. The basic types of a prospective batch production - optical elements for printers, scanners, blocks of memory, videocameras and other technics, used in computer science and communication, including possible application in optical computers; various microgauges for measurement of all possible physical parametres, necessary technicians in all areas, in particular in aerospace, motor industry (control of mechanical pressure, measurement of distance, speed, pressure, processes in engines, active suspension brackets for cars and many other things); microdevices for the medical equipment, implanted elements; filters and membranes for ecological technologies; Various devices for light industry - for example, the micronozzles, allowing to create the most thin textile fibres and to give them the set optical and other properties.
- abbreviation LIGA occurs from German words lithographie, galvanoformung, abformung (lithograph, galvanoplastika, replikatsija), corresponding to the basic phases of technological process. The first stage consists in x-ray lithograph at which there is a transfer of the image from a mask on fotorezist, put on an electrospending substrate. From all sources of x-ray radiation only sinhrotron with a memory ring gives necessary parametres of this process. At following stages metal is besieged by a method galvanoplastiki on a substrate, filling deepenings in fotoreziste; then the substrate mechanically leaves, fotorezist the matrix is washed away and turns out. It can be used for reception of new prints or more difficult structures.