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Operation of RUOP situated near Moscow

At office of security firm employees of regional government on the organised crime of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region have found a weapon heap

The day before yesterday in Balashihinsky area have performed operation in which result the criminal who was in federal search which have made runaway from a pre-trial detention centre has been detained. During operation one of employees of RUOP has been killed by gangsters. From the detained criminals of field investigators have withdrawn 13 units of fire-arms and three grenades.

As have informed the correspondent in a press - the centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region, police officers have received the message that in the city of Reutovo situated near Moscow near joint-stock company office the Disk there should be a meeting of representatives of local gangster groupings. When cars have approached on office with field investigators, from the crowd which have gathered there some shots have been made. One of bullets has got to a head to the senior operupolnomochennomu 20 - go department of RUOP to Sergey Vladimirovu (in militia it has served only one year). The militiaman has died on the way to hospital.
after that employees of RUOP have detained 20 persons (basically - employees of commercial structures from the cities of Reutovo situated near Moscow, Balashikha and Railway). Among them there was also Igor Shesterikov who, according to militia, headed one of criminal groupings. Recently Shesterikov has made runaway from the Serpukhov pre-trial detention centre and has been declared in federal search. Besides, among arrested persons there were employees of security firm JUreks from a city Railway. At survey of motor vehicles on which businessmen have arrived on a meeting, field investigators in one of Fields have found out pistols - machine guns the Scorpion and the Browning pistols of a TT and PM, three grenades RGD - 5 and two mufflers to automatic machines. After that field investigators have made in Railway a search at office JUreksa also have withdrawn three pistols of Makarova, a carbine with an optical sight, a rifle, two pompovyh and two fowling pieces. On the facts of murder of the employee of RUOP and fire-arms detection balashihinskaja the Office of Public Prosecutor has raised criminal cases.