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Russia will open a new air passage

the Russian air space have estimated in 10 million dollars

Besides the Trans-Siberian route on which foreign airlines fly since 1972, Russia intends to open three new transit air passage which will allow the airlines making flights from Europe to Asia, to cross the Russian territory on the shortest route. According to agency Interfax for granting to foreign carriers of these aviaroutes reducing extent of trans-Asiatic flights on 15 - 40 minutes, Russia can receive not less than $10 million a year.

As the representative of department of public relations of the Ministry of transport of Russia Yury Sorokin has informed, the first of new corridors will pass from the Finnish border through Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta, to Round, Nerjungri and Khabarovsk to Tokyo. The second route will pass through Vologda, Ekaterinburg and the Uhlan - Bator to Beijing. The third air direction will be laid through Rostov-on-Don and Sochi to the Central Asia. By words g - on Sorokin, opening of these corridors will allow Russia not only to be integrated into world system of air communications, but also to modernise a control system of air traffic at the expense of aeronavigation gathering which reach $500 for each one thousand kilometres passed by foreign plane over the Russian territory. Prolongation of the line going from Alaska to Khabarovsk, on territory of China that will reduce flight time on a route approximately at one o`clock is in the long term possible.
With development of a control system by air traffic of Rosaeronavigatsija (the commission on air traffic regulation at Ministry of Transport) plans to consider possibility of a lining of the international lines through Arctic ocean and the North Pole that will give the chance to connect the American continent to the states Jugo - East Asia and the CIS countries on the shortest route. These lines, by words g - on Sorokin, will reduce length of a route on 500 - 4000 km that will help the Russian and foreign air carriers to reduce flight time from 15 minutes till 1,5 o`clock. Now opening of three air passage will bring Russia annually not less than $10 million as a payment for their use by foreign airlines. Further, with modernisation of control systems by air traffic and increase of throughput of lines, this sum can reach $20 - 30 million