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Mercedes-Benz declared the prices of 1995

Germans have executed for Americans of a variation on a theme of the prices

In the first half of the year 1994 the German autoconcern of Mercedes-Benz has achieved record level of sale of cars. Especially successfully there were affairs in the North American market where the sales volume has grown on 28 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Yesterday a staff - Mercedes-Benz apartment of North America, located in the city of Montvejl (staff of Nju - Jersey), has made the message on the prices for cars Mercedes of models 1995.

Under the statement of representatives of Mercedes-Benz of North America, the base prices for models 1995 arriving on the North American market, on the average on 1,9 % below present, and comparison of planned retail prices with the existing allows to speak about their fall already on 2,7 %. Simultaneously in 1995 it is planned slightly To rise in the price for the most popular models of a class With and E
New retail price for sedan C220 equipped with the four-cylinder engine, it is raised with $29 900 to $30 950, and sedan C280 with the six-cylinder engine will be on sale at the price of $36 300 (now it costs $34 900). Retail prices for sedans of class E will fluctuate from $41 thousand (model E300 Diesel) to $52,5 thousand (model E420 with V - the figurative engine).
At the same time the minimum base price for models 1995 of class S will make $65 900 ($70 600 in 1994). And cost of models of class SL will decrease with $85 200 to $78 300. The similar policy of Mercedes-Benz allows to hope for substantial growth of world sale of cars of concern.