Rus News Journal

The situation in Tajikistan

On border flows again the Russian blood

last days the situation on Tadjik - the Afghani border has sharply become aggravated. Groups of the armed Tadjik opposition have passed to active operations against divisions of the Russian frontier guards. In this connection the statement a press - the centre of Frontier troops of Russia yesterday has been extended.

In the document it is said that on August, 18th and 19 the twelfth frontier post of the Moscow frontier group and two its boundary posts have undergone to numerous bombardments by the rockets which have been let out from heights adjoining to them. On Thursday (in 18. 40) and on Friday (in 01. 40) attempts of capture and destruction of these posts by groups of insurgents of the armed Tadjik opposition and the Arabian mercenaries are undertaken with direct support of formations of the Afghani Mojaheds. The attack was headed by the basic organizer and the executor of the armed touch on the twelfth frontier post in July of last year Kori Hamidullo (then as a result of break of border by insurgents 20 Russian frontier guards were lost). With fighting support of artillery the opponent is beaten off by Staff of posts and boundary reserves, having suffered bad losses in manpower. During operations 7 frontier guards (four Russian were lost and three Tadjik), 13 more is wounded. To the aid of an outpost reserve connections are tightened. Under the available data, and on other sites Tadjik - the Afghani border activization of insurgents is observed. So, in the territory supervised Pjandzhsky and Horogsky frontier groups, prospecting sorties of the armed groups are regularly carried out, trying to find the most convenient and safe directions of penetration on the Tadjik territory.
In connection with the spent gangster actions the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has declared the resolute protest and has demanded from the authorities of the Islamic state Afghanistan of immediate acceptance of effective measures on a non-admission of provocative activity of the armed groups from territory of Afghanistan concerning divisions of the Russian frontier troops.