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Accident in Moscow suburbs

the Bus has fallen from ten-metre height

Yesterday in Moscow suburbs there was a large road accident. Ikarus making commercial flight from Volgograd to Moscow, has fallen from a platform on 35 - m of km of New Kashirsky highway. As a result twelve passengers, both drivers and the guide have died on the spot, one more passenger has died in the car first aid and 22 persons with traumas of various severity level have been delivered in hospitals of cities Visible and Domodedovo (two from them are in a critical condition). According to preliminary data, the tragedy has occurred from - that the driver Ikarusa has fallen asleep at the wheel.

As have told to the correspondent in a press - service of Central administrative board of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, failure has occurred in 4. 25. During so early time practically all 38 passengers of the bus slept. The driver Ikarusa has not managed to drive, owing to what the bus at great speed ran into a protection of a platform and has failed downwards from ten-metre height. In air the bus has turned over and has fallen to a roof. From - for strong blow about the earth Ikarus has been literally flattened out. Fifteen persons have died on the spot. The same who has survived, could not get out of the bus independently. Only two persons by miracle have not suffered. They could be released from a heap of the bent iron and by a passing car have reached the nearest phone.
doctors have arrived on a scene from Domodedovo in seven minutes after tragedy. Later profits and crews first aid from Visible.
employees of a state traffic inspectorate also have informed that broken Ikarus belonged to the Volgograd MT the Small tourist . They also have noticed that the increase for last months quantities of failures with tourist buses of distant following speaks more often that, aspiring to make as much as possible flights, drivers do not observe elementary safety rules - in particular, neglect rest in a way.
the chief of department of specialised medical aid of Central administrative board of public health services of Moscow Region Karina Shavrova has informed that for the help to doctors from Domodedovo and Visible four specialised brigades of physicians are directed. To them also have sent stations for blood transfusion. She also has added that at the majority of wounded men multiple fractures and brain concussion are fixed.