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Split in party Rutsky

the Chairman of the board renounces the simple chairman

After the chairman Russian sotsial - democratic people party Alexander Rutsky has congratulated general Varennikov on the justification, the chairman of the board of the same party Vasily Lipitsky has publicly kept separate from the chairman. Short of autumn of last year when Rutsky publicly named Lipitsky the prostitute (for what, however, has then apologised), for the first time two first persons RSDNP are sorted out by relations in the face of the public.

Rutsky and Lipitsky go in nerazluchnikah since summer of 1991 when they together based movement of communists for democracy. Since then the general - the pilot and the professor - marksist did not leave - obviously, because of obvious mutual benefit of symbiosis. Deprived of any charismatic talents, Lipitsky needed a party label, i.e. In the picturesque leader. Deprived of any abilities to measured work, Rutsky needed in sensible party apparatchike. Having converged by a principle blind the legless carries they, appear, are forever doomed to be reconciled with mutual lacks and mutual irritation. But did not leave.
Otmezhevanie has been made carefully enough. Unlike other former nearest employee Rutsky, its press - to the secretary who has written about the general the captious book, Lipitsky has praised the past Rutsky, the leader courageously defending values of democracy however has complained on present abrupt change in sights the chairman, for such transformation can withdraw chairman RSDNP very far from principles on which activity RSDNP " is under construction;. In translation into Russian it means that Rutsky soon it will appear out of party - at first ideologically, and then, obviously, and organizational.
In conversation with the correspondent Lipitsky has defined three points of disagreements. In - the first, Rutsky has definitively renounced ideals of August, 1991 and has openly supported Gorbachev`s haters whereas Lipitsky to these ideals it is true and of Gorbachev takes a positive view more likely. In - the second, Rutsky under itself movement " with enthusiasm creates; Power and Lipitsky considers that the mobilisation resource of the population is settled and Power it is possible to create only by means of the further crushing and without that the shattered opposition. In the third, Rutsky insufficiently definitely razmezhevyvaetsja with extremists that, according to Lipitsky, compromises RSDNP. However, the chairman of the board does not give up yet as a bad job symbiosis, specifying that personal quarrel meanwhile is not present and life will show . Considering that symbiosis exists three years - and not thanks to a personal love, and contrary to deep personal hostility, - is possible, life will show that nerazluchniki and henceforth remain together.