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The destiny of money of the CPSU

After the decision of the Constitutional court on illegality " dares; in some places the decree of the president about stay of activity of the CPSU the convinced communists have appeared in a situation of the convict, with a scratch released by the chief from the prison, however not received the inquiry on clearing. The decision of the Constitutional court and remains incomplete - contrary to world practice, its deciding part has not followed motivation which does the decision definitive. Therefore the libertine can knock as much as necessary to itself a fist on a breast and demand a full indemnification of losses, but is formal for the state and public institutes it remains the convict whom and for work nobody will accept, and not undertakes to register, without speaking about return of any former savings - as till now is not clear, whether the convict without a piece of paper on these savings of the right has. Undoubtedly, as the chief of prison will try to make everything that financial difficulties of communists have lasted as it is possible longer. So the Communist Party of the Russian Federation it is necessary to abuse Zorkina and to hope for change of the prison heads.