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the Government of Russia has confirmed the agreement on re-export of the goods and an approval procedure on re-export. The detailed comment to this document will publish in tomorrow`s number.

the Government of Russia has confirmed position about an order of return to citizens illegally confiscated, withdrawn or left other way from possession in connection with political repressions of property, compensation of its cost or payment of monetary indemnification. Return of the confiscated property is made in cases when it has remained. Compensation of cost of property is made in cases when the property has remained, but it cannot be returned on the bases provided by the legislation, or the rehabilitated person agrees instead of apartment house return compensation of its cost, and also in cases when the property has not remained, but there are documents on its character, a condition and quantity on which basis the property estimation is possible. Payment of monetary indemnification is made, when the fact of confiscation of property is established, but there are no documents on its character, a condition and quantity. Are not subject to return, compensation or indemnification: the property which was nationalised or subject to nationalisation according to the legislation, operating at the moment of confiscation; the property destroyed during civil and the Great Patriotic War, and also as a result of acts of nature; The earth, plodovo - the berry plantings, not cleaned crops, the property withdrawn from a civil turn. Decisions on all questions take out the commissions on restoration of the rights of the rehabilitated victims of political repressions. Position establishes an order of definition by the commission of cost of the confiscated property. Thus the size of compensation of cost both confiscated, and should not exceed not remained property 40 - the multiple minimum wage rate for property, excepting apartment houses, or 100 - the multiple size of the minimum wage rate for all property, including apartment houses. Thus cost of the property returned in nature is not considered. Position also establishes an order of return of cost of the confiscated bonds of the state loans, the sums of contributions and winnings under the lottery ticket, the confiscated currency and precious metals and stones.