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Column S and C

the Shown weakness of the American dollar and the revived fears concerning rates of increase of inflation in the USA have caused insignificant fall of quotations blue counters at the auctions of Nju - Jorksky stock exchange on Friday. Growth of activity of players on fall has been connected also by that on Friday there has come term of repayment of options on index Major Market Index.
However the outlined tendency to leaving from a local securities market of foreign investors became the basic occasion causing anxiety of local observers. For a week an index blue counters Dow - Johns has fallen on 13,60.

Even in present, obviously adverse, conditions of action International Business Machines Corp. Keep the appeal to investors. Only on Friday at auctions NYSE company securities have risen in price for $1,875 to $68,125, becoming within two days on end leaders of increase. According to experts of Uoll - strit, stock quotes the next two months have chance to jump up to $85 for the action.

making comments on Friday falling of the American dollar on nju - jorkskih the currency auctions, local experts have expressed serious fears that already in the nearest some days the dollar exchange rate can fall again to record-breaking low marks since 1945. The major factors, making experts have considered negative impact on positions of the American currency American - Japanese trade relations and problems which Clinton Presidential Administration has faced.
the situation has become complicated after in the end of the past week in the governmental report the data about growth past month deficiency of the USA in trade with Japan on 26 % has been published.
On Friday evening the dollar exchange rate in relation to yen in New York has fallen from 98,55 yens to 98,50 yens, and in relation to DM - with DM1,5415 to DM1,5385.

Slackness of the Friday auctions at stock exchange of Toronto has affected result of the auctions, and, according to local experts, has unexpectedly made positive impact on character of trading session. The majority of operators in it did not accept participation, therefore negative news about an exchange situation in New York were not reflected in the auctions. They have come to the end with increase obshchebirzhevogo index TSE - 300 on 2,64 points to 4187,08 at a modest day turn in 47,44 million actions.

fears concerning introduction of the new tax to the income of the exchange gamble, Israel offered by the government, were caused by agiotage dump of actions at the Sunday auctions of Stock exchange Tel - Aviva. The key index of stock exchange Meshtaim has fallen by the end of the auctions to 17,98 points (i.e. 9,80 %) 165,42. The auctions on Sunday became the first during the last days after in the middle of the past week the Minister of Finance of the country Avraham Shohat has mentioned for the first time introduction 10 - the percentage tax.
According to one of tel - avivskih brokers, the whole day long on Sunday it has not been registered any order for purchase of actions, thus that orders for sale has been made for record-breaking high sum 2 mlrd shekels. Besides, for the first time for 40 years the stock exchange administration declared removal 10 - a percentage limit on fluctuations of quotations.

according to the anonymous representative of the Colombian financial company Bancol, known international investor George Soros has got 9 % of actions of one of the largest Colombian banks Banco de Colombia. The Share holding has been bought at Bancol which supervises this bank.
this information has been indirectly confirmed to correspondent Reuter and the representative of broker house Citivalores who has carried out the transaction. The representative of the broker house has informed that Bancol has really sold 9 % of actions of bank approximately for $62,5 million, however has refused to name the buyer.