Rus News Journal

The share market of the Russian emitters

the Situation at the Moscow stock exchanges last days remains enough stable. Practically under all securities brokers conduct game only at the expense of their small fluctuation round the average established price. The Central Russian universal stock exchange during week-end worked. In comparison with the previous auctions joint-stock company stock quotes " there have only a little fallen; the Telemarket after their small launch on the Friday, the company management connected with the known statement. The ceiling price of these papers at the auctions equaled 9610 roubles, the transaction at such course has been fixed on Saturday, minimum - 7440 roubles.
on Russian commodity - a raw stock exchange confusion of brokers has been connected with news about opening of points of sale MMM - hearings went that the action in points can hand over on 80 000 rbl. It has led to that at morning session on one of tables there was a price of purchase of these actions of 50 000 roubles, truth at this course and have not bought any certificate. However the situation was soon stabilised, when it became known that the buying up price in working points of sale - 1515 roubles. More in detail about a situation in these points intend to write tomorrow.
At the Ekaterinburg stock exchange, unique from all regional stock exchanges, working yesterday, 3 transactions with actions of local Uraltransbanka have been concluded. 150 actions by face value 1000 rbl. on 4200 roubles have been sold. For the last week the turn of trade in actions has made 4 401 606 200 roubles that a little above a stock exchange total turnover for previous week.
the auctions at the Siberian stock exchange were not yesterday: were summed up the last week. For four working days transactions under checks, actions, depositary certificates and currency futures there have been concluded.