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The market of interbank credits

Even relative destabilization of the currency market could not stop falling of interest rates though has a little slowed down it. Judging by the information from the Interbank financial house, rate INSTAR has decreased yesterday practically on all terms of crediting and especially under credits for the term up to one week. For example, the average cost of one-day credits has made 14,6 % annual. Rates on purchase and the sale of credits counted in agency " have decreased also; Skejt - a press .
At the same time, the average prices of credits counted by the Information consortium, have raised yesterday. For example, the rate on sale of credits (MIBOR) for term in three days yesterday has risen with 27 to 54 % annual. Experts believe that so strong growth yet does not reflect a real state of affairs in market MBK, however amplifying rates of increase of a dollar exchange rate quite can bring crisis in dynamics of interest rates in the monetary market. Therefore the yesterday`s increase in rates in the Information consortium can be regarded as first sign of the beginning of growth of interest rates in general. As on short MBK their cost has reached a minimum.