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How not to scorch on the May sun

Even in a midland sunburn it is artful?

Ur, has become warmer! In target Muscovites will substitute a body under May beams. But the skin which has weaned from the sun can react to it... As on a burn.   and the itch with an allergy is possible also.

- the scorched places is better to grease at once with a cream or gel with pantenolom, to sprinkle a little foam « Bepanten »   - the dermatologist - the cosmetician Olga Romanov advises. - and here to be covered with sour cream do not hurry up. The fat weight only detains heat. Our problem - at first to cool a skin. If ready medical means near at hand is not present, put to a burn a towel with cold broth of a camomile, usual tea of minutes on 15 - 20. And only then - a fat cream. It is possible to accept anaesthetising and anti-inflammatory (aspirin), from an itch and   allergies antigistaminy (klaritin, zirtek, etc.) .

Certainly, where we without the sun, without vitamin D! But, having burnt down, we sharply lower immunity. And who would like to lie with cold during such perfect time?

how to learn, beams

are how much active - It is a pity that at us the indicator of ultra-violet radiation is not included in an official weather forecast, - continues Romanov. - in Czechia, Germany, Poland, the USA and many other countries it declare every morning. It is the recommendation the CART necessary for preventive maintenance of a skin cancer. (To find an index for the Russian cities it is possible on the Internet - see) .

UF - the index is an activity of the sun taking into account a thickness of an ozone layer. Shows, in what clothes to go out of doors and how much it is possible is under the sun.

UF from 0 to 2 - it is possible to walk easy.

UF from 3 to 7 - it is necessary to hide in a shade in the afternoon. At midday o`clock it is better to carry a shirt with a long sleeve, a hat, sun glasses.

UF it is more 8 - it is better to be at home on a broader scale in the afternoon. And sun-protection means are obligatory.

- by May in Moscow UF - the index reaches 5, - continues Romanov. - by the way, last summer it reached on the average 6 - 7 units! So even federal mediko - biological the agency warned about danger of ultra-violet radiation. Asked Muscovites not to sunbathe from 11 o`clock till 17 o`clock.

at you such hands that trousers have run away even...

After shock cleaning in a country house (and the first works with the earth) hands most of all suffer affliction. How to save them in a decent view?

- use only liquid soap, - advises Romanov. - it does not dry a skin. Necessarily wash hands only in ­ to warm water (and the person, by the way, too)! Certainly, on the nature with it can be naprjazhenka. Be not too lazy, warm. The skin otherwise will crack, it will be heavy to restore it. On a summer residence use a cream for hands not less often than two times a day.

in the house and on a site it is better to do all work in gloves. If cannot - inconveniently, an allergy, - at least put before the work beginning a silicone protective cream, the same « the Summer resident ». It is better to put a protective varnish On nails in advance. Or usual but then it is obligatory on a base basis.

it is necessary to pay attention on spetssredstva... For motorists. A choice of means for clearing of hands waterless the huge: For example, there are liquid pastes with subacidic pH - with the protection built in already for a skin.

what medicines will be useful

In the summer season beginning to cost to update sostavav actually medical aptcheki. To check up, a leah has expired at a last year`s stock working life.

from the warm: nitroglycerine, validol, korvalol.

Anesthetizing and febrifugal:   analginum, aspirin, paracetamol.

antiallergic: suprastin, klaretin, etc.

Gastric: festal, mezim, lineks, polifepan, regidron, smekta, the activated coal, but - shpa.

From wounds and burns:   hydrogen peroxide, zelenka, a plaster, cotton wool, bandage, a plait, pantenol - spej, ranozazhivljajushchie and disinfectant napkins.

Repelent from pincers.

a thermometer.

if in a family there are hypertensive persons - a tonometer.

it is obligatory: phone of local first aid, the insurance policy.

  and At this time

How to pick up a protective cream

For example if you have bought cream SPF - 10. We will count, how much it is possible to be on the sun.

type of a skin I. A white skin, a fair hair, blue or green eyes. (Never sunbathe, always burn.) level solntsezashchity needs to be multiplied on 5. 50 minutes turn out. It is possible so much, having put on a body a cream, to luxuriate on the sun. Without special harm, without risking strongly to redden.

type of a skin II. A light skin, fair-haired or chestnut hair, green or brown eyes. (Sometimes sunbathe, but burn is more often.) you multiply on 10. 100 minutes turn out.

type of a skin III. Not white skin, chestnut hair, brown eyes. (Often sunbathe, sometimes burn.) It is necessary to multiply on 20.

Type of a skin IV. An olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes. (Always sunbathe, never burn.) Protection by a cream especially is not necessary.

keep in mind. For protection against pigmentary stains the cosmetics with SPF - 30 and above is necessary. And to deduce freckles and stains till the end of a solar season it will be useless - it is necessary to wait for autumn.


It is collected « country » the beautician

Shampoo and the conditioner - it is possible at once for dry hair. Water in Moscow suburbs rigid, with high the iron maintenance. Filters help a little. And it dries a skin and a head of hear. In the end trihologi advise to rinse a head butilirovannoj with purchased water.

a cream for hands and for the person with SPF.

the Usual damp napkins better humidifying, it is possible for make-up removal.

liquid soap, gel for washing.

means for lips with protection against the sun.

it is important!

during time   Cleaning put on a mask

Doctors of Rospotrebnadzora warn: washing the house from a dirt, it is possible to pick up tuljaremiju.

For a winter many country houses and garages have visited mice. They have left « traces ». So in general cleaning it is necessary to wash a summer residence not only from a dust in the spring. Sanvrachi explain: not to pick up a mouse fever - tuljaremiju (in the spring always register some tens cases of this dangerous disease), cleaning in the house should be spent accurately:

it is obligatory in gloves.

in a protective mask or with a respirator on the person. Will approach « antiinfluenzal » a mask from a drugstore.

do not kick up dust! The infected particles will get to air. Better accurately to put out a dung a wet rag.

it is obligatory to spend disinfection by special, safe means for the person (to search in the household chemical goods goods).

Hands after cleaning carefully to wash.

to throw out all foodstuff which were touched by rodents.

just in case illness symptoms: high temperature, a fever, a headache and an inflammation of lymph nodes.