Rus News Journal

Leah it is possible at execution to remain the person?

I live in Gomel, near the Ukrainian border, therefore in the next republic, as well as many gomelchane, I go often. Now, after currency disappearance, - is not present, and in days of old the Chernigov direction was especially popular: mobile phones, products, alcohol, clothes and footwear could be bought there with the big benefit.

Unique stress - border. A nervous status before a southern cordon familiarly and to you, minchane, - to Crimea - that on rest who did not go? Remember: we come nearer to check point. We know that the superfluous we do not carry, the passport is perfectly in order. Means, heart is quiet. And here already after hand examination why - that start to shiver! Someone from nerves forgets that ahead also the Ukrainian control, the conductor reminds: do not hide the passport! On the car sighs: what, again?!

I will follow as an example the last trip to Chernigov. Has decided to walk there a self-locking device. Border I pass on foot. Near a barrier the employee of check point with the severe person meets:

- Show the passport. Where go? One follow? - The person, and the robot strews kantseljarizmami as though not. Living in the country, where officially - an official style - the basic language of dialogue where all of us not people, and citizens, inhabitants - in general, pieces and units, it is habitual « I show » I respond that « I follow » and « I go ».

And through metres five hundred, having said goodbye to the native land, I approach to another in appearance to awesome instance, but already with a trident on it is yellow - a blue background. Only metres five hundred, all the same road, the same Russian, but I any more do not understand: where I have got? To aliens, a leah that?

- So, Paul Batkovich, have a look - ka at me steadfastly as on the girlfriend, - smiling, the person in shape speaks, verifying a photo in the passport. I do not believe: and it « the official »? And why behaves as « the simple person »? A leah scoffs that, for the fool accepts? But then with jokes - humourous catchphrases the backpack is examined by the customs officer, examining my coins from the different countries, tells, how itself in youth was the collector, and - everything, the way is opened further.

- And how you will reach Chernigov? You will begin to vote? Will reach on foot faster! - see off on border. Yes, all is learnt in comparison.

Have picked up me rather quickly, and in the car the Ukrainian, by the way, took - legkovushki with the Belarus numbers were carried by by.

Back went by train, and on border on cheerful loud conversations already at once has understood, who has come into the car.

- Uh you what is great! - speaks tamozhennitsa to Byelorussians who carried the bicycle bought in Chernigov. Are you to the child, and how old is he? Know, I to the too bought the such: two years has driven also everything, has thrown. A leah it was necessary to spend money!

the man approaches To me, asks to open a backpack. Sees a souvenir ceramic bottle of Georgian wine:

- Ogo! A class! In it it will be possible to fill in then tinctures or as a vase to use, - the customs officer admires, thus without forgetting to look in each pocket of a bag. Only humiliated you from it do not feel yourself - after all with you communicate as with the friend, the old acquaintance.

Even ten minutes of road, a stop and - welcome to Belarus.

- Why in a migratory map all points are not filled? Fill! - the Belarus frontier guard communicates with the Ukrainian family.

Silently checks my backpack the customs officer. It is quickened only when sees in a bag a pack grechki:

- How much bought?

Certainly, time on time is not necessary, it is possible and to meet among Byelorussians people, and among Ukrainians - « persons at execution ». But the general tendency sees accurately. In what has put? It is assured, not the heads of ours nurture to be always gloomy. Ukrainians feel easily and freely though get, probably, smaller wages. And Byelorussians, why - that, always under any oppression.