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In Syktyvkar total check of management companies will show, who is guilty in a shocking abacus for a communal flat

Today in the mayoralty the assistant to the head of administration of Syktyvkar concerning town-planning, architecture and land management Vyacheslav Kozjakov has collected meeting with heads of management companies of a city. It is easy to guess that the notorious affair with updatings became the main subject of session.

we Will remind: a Syktyvkar management company « the BUG » has counted debts of tenants for 2010 on which has made new bills taking into account updatings, and the extra charge sums for payment in some abacus were more twenty thousand roubles. It is no wonder that this news has thundered to all Russia, and to remove the indignant tenants there came federal TV channels.


Practice of updatings now « in a fashion » at many management companies. And here all occurs legally — The decision of the Russian government resolves it. But why people should overpay for services in 4 - 5 times, and even it is more, anybody yet does not understand.

- We have carried out the analysis on house water supply 225 along the street Charles Marx where the sum of bills for water the greatest, but the analysis yet has not shown any nesostykovok, - there has begun meeting Vyacheslav Kozjakov. - the Situation abnormal, such sums simply cannot be published in an abacus, therefore the city administration will spend in the near future total check of all management companies, especially there where bills read off scale.

Check of management companies of Syktyvkar, according to the assistant to the head of administration, was planned a bit later, after other cities of Komi, however from - for lifted sensations has begun already now. It will be spent State zhilishchnajaj by region inspection together with heads of municipal unions – such order was given by the Head of Komi Vyacheslav Gajzer.

- Today our main recommendation to all management companies of Syktyvkar — to withdraw all bills with updatings before carrying out of full check, - Vyacheslav Kozjakov has declared present.

However heads of Syktyvkar management companies have reacted to the request half-heartedly:

- Updatings we cannot cancel, - the representative of the company « has responded; the BUG » Yury Hutornoj. - We already should « to the Water canal » 30 million, he will not forgive them to us, and if we will withdraw updatings, we will simply go bankrupt!

- the Question with « the Water canal » we will solve, however it will not release you from the entire account about activity which you already should give, - Kozjakov has sharply reacted to this statement.

Not only « the BUG » But also other management companies have spoken against cancellation of updatings, referring that they are lawful, and great sums ostensibly turn out from - for dishonest users who keep in the various ways indicators of counters.

- Steal and steal on - black! - barracking of one of representatives TSZH was heard.

the assistant to the mayor was sceptical About a question on dishonest consumers, having declared that no means to keep the counter indication for such sums will not turn out, and forthcoming check it on that and total that will spend it among all participants of relations.

Representatives of housing inspection as it has appeared, think absolutely on - to another, declaring the originator « schetovoj confusions » other party « water » relations — the companies delivering resources.

- I think that the dog is buried in resursosnabzhajushchih the companies, - the deputy chief of the State housing inspection of Republic Komi Anatoly Sergeev has declared. - never nobody traces all chain, accuse why - that management companies, and the first link remains in a shade without any checks.

the Foty-minute meeting has stood out extremely hot, participants constantly interrupted each other. Nevertheless Vyacheslav Kozjakov has not changed the opinion and again persistently recommended to management companies of the bill for utilities not to raise.


the INQUIRY « »

Updatings of indications of individual counters of hot and cold water operate according to the governmental order of the Russian Federation 307 « About an order of granting of utilities to citizens ». In the presence of the individual device of the account the subscriber at first pays under counter indications. And then in addition, taking into account updating which pays off under special formulas.

Updating is applied because the size of the payment monthly brought by consumers, does not correspond to actual volumes of municipal resources on input in the house, fixed obshchedomovym the account device, or calculated resursosnabzhajushchej the organisation (in case of absence of the device of the account). Updating represents difference distribution between all consumers of utilities of proportionally total area of premises.