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the Master - Stars and thorns of a new album

on September, 24th and 25 the group has spent two autograph - sessions within the limits of an exhibition « MUSIC - Moscow - 2010 » during which time it was possible to get a new disk and to receive autographs of musicians. The album presentation has passed in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.  

11 tracks have entered Into new release and 3 bonus - a track. As to a musical material almost all musicians have taken part in its creation: Alik Granovsky, Leonid Fomin, Andrey Smirnov, Lexx, Oleg Hovrin and Cyril Pokrovsky. Investigators were already partially familiar with some compositions. For example, a composition « They as we » for the first time left on an English-speaking album of group Maniac Party under the name They are just like us (O.Gorbunova`s Text). On a new album this composition sounds in Russian, the author of the Russian-speaking text became M.Pushkin. It is necessary to notice that Margarita Pushkin has written the most part of songs for this album. One of compositions « the Person - a locust » it is created in the co-authorship with Vitaly Belovym who has written the text « Cut masts ».  

Margarita Pushkin so responds about the done teamwork:

« Work on texts for a new album of group was not absolutely usual. All - taki if it is fair, I counted on the help of people familiar to me which are able to do IT - to compose on fishes . To take all responsibility on itself to me it would not be desirable, since the history with a writing of texts for group Kipelov proceeded, there was a new material from Vitaly Dubinin... But, alas, my hopes have not justified. Yes, variants have been written by several people, but not countenanced by Alik Granovsky and *. The pleasant exception was made by Vitaly Belova`s text Cut masts .


the Photo: VASILENKO Olga

is shorter, it was necessary to include own hidden reserves about what finally I at all do not feel sorry. For a long time it would be desirable to write something on topic of the day, to splash out the emotions concerning an event around. It has appeared that in many respects the points of view on a reality at us with Granovsky coincide. To Che Guevara me it is far. But I am proud of texts the Big Brother Air the Court goes ... By the way, a subject Vessels... has been prompted Granovsky. The text concerns not only history with JUDAS PRIEST, but also to us is direct. Composing it, I remembered charges in the address ARIUS - old history when two girls, having joined hands, have jumped from a roof. It has appeared that before death they listened Aryan songs. From this fact journalists have drawn far-reaching conclusions and accused us of all capital sins.

It was worked with masters it is easy, wherefore the concept has been accurately outlined, pressure from musicians any was not.... To the contrary, interest and recommendations. So, a subject for the Steel door Oleg " has prompted; the Cobra which has initially written an English variant on this music, but the plan could not embody in this variant...
it is possible, the sociality of texts of a new album is not pleasant to much, at us becomes more and more optimists which do not want to see anything negative, protect nerves.   I am happy with work - in it it was possible to depart from romantichesko - a heroic line of the basic party, plus to play with slengom that, actually, also it is not supposed in texts for those dinosaurs with which I work. It is sincerely a pity that topical character leaves fate, flows in pockets of wide trouser-legs hip - hopa. We have tried to change which - that in a situation. I think that which - that from this which - that it has turned out ».  


the Photo: VASILENKO Olga

the New album has called the most different responses among admirers: from full aversion to rough delights. And, discussions have begun to an album exit when the song « has been presented investigators; the Person - a locust ». And after release of page of the Internet, devoted « to the Master » zapestrili disputes and opinions, sometimes opposite. Basically, it is quite explainable, as a difficult and ambiguous material, as a rule, cannot call any one reaction. In this case, them always set. And, disputes concerned, both music, and texts.  

Having left for investigators the right to choose, it was pleasant to them or not that material which were prepared by musicians, would be desirable to note the main thing: musicians and authors of texts have enclosed all feelings and the thoughts which have collected lately, therefore an album in this album it has turned out very sincere and shrill. And for this reason those admirers who really are able to appreciate group creativity, fine have felt it and have understood.  

In support of a new album « Masters » distances two concerts: in Moscow (on October, 9th in club YOUTOO) and in St.-Petersburg (on October, 15th in the Giant - the Hall). The admirers of the group who has visited these concerts, have shared with us the impressions:  


the Photo: VASILENKO Olga

« Action has left the most positive impressions. The big pleasure for the admirer tjazhmeta -   to see so powerful, bright and dynamical performance, and the domestic command. The presentation of an album more than has gone right – new songs struck without a miss, shook people, souls forced to thrill.   sharply - the social subjects in many compositions here as are impossible to a place, and separate thanks Margarita Pushkinoj &ndash here are necessary to tell; it manages to force a word « to beat backhand and through ». And spokesmen of these words – group « The master » this day was on the ball. The harmonious and bright duet of Smirnova and Fomina, juicy shock Cobras, magnificent a bass - a guitar Granovsky, unique vocal Lexx ’ and. Thanks them! ». (Sergey and Elena, Moscow).  

« Group « the Master » never belonged to number of favourite groups, to whose albums and songs I listen daily but after once has almost casually got on their concert, I try not to pass any. The album which has left recently has got « in mood » and, despite enough big percent of negative responses, has called desire more close to get acquainted with their creativity, since the beginning. Acquaintance has gone « on hurrah » therefore by the time of a concert - presentations of an album a part of songs have been recognised and expected. The group has not brought, almost all these songs at a concert was are executed, including and those a little which have been favourite for a long time. Well and the general atmosphere of a concert was habitual, actually, than « Masters » me also have involved – solid collective of professionals on a scene, receiving sincere pleasure of that they do, and coming off who as can, depending on degree of own restraint, the public echoing (on ballads) and simply crying out (on all the rest) all repertoire of group. Itself I concern those who can sing only ballads since to try to be in time together with Leksom in beshennom rate to execute all the rest, for me - employment useless. In general, the concert has given very necessary shake-up in present autumn depression and has moved to a player of tens songs for daily listening. ». (Svetlana, Moscow).  

« Presentation of a new album of group the Master in Petersburg the Giant - the Hall has taken place 15 - go October. Waited for this concert with the big impatience because also the group always was one of the most favourite, and an album VIII has pleased inexpressibly. The concert (short of Intro) was opened by one of new songs the Court goes from the new have sounded the Bulldozer Air! the person - a locust They as we - rewritten with the Russian text The Are Just Like Us it is already good familiar to all admirers and not only Kings Of Rock - n - Roll (the Russian version) and a magnificent ballad the Steel door . Among those songs which for a long time knows by heart, likely, each admirer, were Places will suffice all Be protected Crosses the Board and a sword Once again night (any more for the first time devoted to all girls), Rise, fear overcome the Master ... But also all new was conceived by the people is not worse at all, than checked up for years. The hall with readiness echoed and in every possible way came off under characteristic for Masters lethal things also arranged slow dances under ballads. Despite rather modest quantity of spectators, the Group has won back, as always, perfectly well. I do not remember their any performance, among impressions from which would remain though any negative. And positive emotions from the next last concert now will suffice for a long time ». (Olga, St.-Petersburg).  

Now the group will represent songs from a new album in other cities. For now all only begins, we wish « to the Master » steadfastness, inspiration and a drive at concerts.