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One million for honesty for managing a kindergarten

« Simply it is not necessary to lie » - Andrey Malakhov assures the spectators, promising the most fair one million roubles as an award. It is necessary to respond sincerely only to weight of questions, including intimate and unpleasant, to editors of the program. And then - in studio, in the face of tens people, including the relatives to repeat the hardly given answers. It would Seem, than that is easier. And it is found out that it is almost impossible. Almost all volunteers who have risked for the sake of a prize to be put on trial on a polygraph (lie detector), actually held though any stone (well or a stone) in the bosom. Who was pricked, who dreamt to change the spouse, someone on the quiet conceals old offence for mum. Sometimes relatives, without wishing to hear terrible truth about the relations, pressed the red button - that the leader has passed this question. But such right at them was only time. In general, anyway, but a treasured prize in one million roubles anybody till now has not received. Till today.

last Saturday in studio « the Lie detector » Natalia Shevchenko managing kindergarten responded to Andrey Malakhov`s questions. On the trickiest questions fair and sincere answers followed. Ease from what the woman moved ahead to the maximum sum, surprised both spectators, and psychologists. It seemed, Natalia does not have the equal bill any skeletons in a case. Last release has ended just that the lady should answer last question of show. And if the polygraph recognises its answer fair, it is necessary to Natalia a prize - one million roubles! And the most interesting that close women while and have not used the right to press the red button. So they have a possibility to replace not pleasant question another. However, already it is now clear that the leader will try to sting the participant more feasibly. He after all has promised in the end of the last program that in a break between shootings it once again will test on a polygraph to find the most painful point. A leah Was possible to experts to find a way to catch the woman, we learn this Saturday. And we wish Natalia to defeat and take due money!

« the lie detector » Saturday, 22. 40, the First.