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Eight-year Valera from Smolensk most of all is afraid of own mother

For the incomplete eight years Valera has worried enough. Drunk uproars and mockeries of mother. A constant beating for the slightest faults. Absence not that toys, and elementary things – food, warm clothes and soap.

Even attempt to converge with contemporaries more close and to play with them in a sandbox it was considered by the mother as the next occasion to a flogging. Tortures of the child have stopped only after on materials of public prosecutor`s check on careless mummy criminal case has been got. In June of this year mother of two children - to younger Valera year &ndash recently was executed; it has appeared on a dock for a beating and default of parental duties.
Acting on court, the woman declared that the child did not beat, and « punished for wrongdoings ». Here only after such punishments bruises, and also plural grazes of the person have been found out in the boy. As the punishment tool careless mother quite often used a belt. Meal in the house, according to neighbours, almost never was. The boy constantly asked to eat at kind with the aunt, living on the neighbourhood. For what mum quite often also punished it. To walk with local children to Valera it was forbidden. Mother on court proved that did it of the best promptings – say, was afraid that the local children will offend her son. But associates in this respect had absolutely other opinion. The child frequently had nothing to put on. Old stockings, kurtochki, hats, brought shirts of Valera mother compassionate neigbours. « it anywhere does not work. Goes constantly dirty, slovenly. On a common kitchen I never saw, that she prepared something for herself or children. But few times I saw, how it rummages in garbage containers about the house. Once we with the girlfriend have decided to come to them into a room. She was not. We come. Valerochka sits on a bed on which even the bed-clothes are not present, almost golenky. Under a sofa a heap of empty bottles... ».
Considering all these characteristics, the world judge of a judicial site of 3 cities of Smolensk recognised a grief - mummy of a guilty part under article 116 of 1 Criminal code of the Russian Federation « the Beating » and article 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation « Default of duties on education of the minor ». To it punishment in the form of a year of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period has been appointed two years.
Valera have placed in socially - the rehabilitation centre for minors « the Phoenix ». According to the boy, there it is pleasant to it. Home to come back it does not want.
Teachers of the centre long nursed the boy, treated from pedikuleza. Accustomed it to toys and dialogue with contemporaries that it has been many long years deprived. « the child is very aggressive, embittered, beats toys and fights with children, - so workers of the centre have characterised Valera. - it is braked, development does not correspond to age ».
on June, 16th Valera mother have deprived of the parental rights. However serious fears social workers are called by destiny of its second child – one-year-old Vitalik. After all mummy continues to conduct till now, to put it mildly, asotsialnyj a way of life, forgetting that its children suffer affliction from it first of all...

For 9 months of current year by the public prosecutor of the Zadneprovsky disctrict of the city of Smolensk it is directed to court of 16 statements of claim about deprivation of the parental rights, 10 from which are satisfied by court, the others are on consideration.

the COMMENT of OFFICE of Public Prosecutor
- Public prosecutors make claims about deprivation of the parental rights of parents or one of parents according to article 69 of the Family code of the Russian Federation only in exceptional cases, at malicious evasion from parental duties, - Olga Kupreenkova has explained the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Zadneprovsky disctrict of the city of Smolensk. - This urged and the extreme measure is applied to persons who throughout many years abuse spirits, do not give to children of the material maintenance, and also do not provide reception by children of education. As a rule, children of such parents are on care of grandmothers or grandfathers which, despite the old age, are urged to work and contain grandsons on the and without that small pension. Or such children are in official bodies for children and teenagers, without parental support.