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Carefully, Jagudin!

Here already couple of days of mass-media excite zametochki how Alexey Jagudin has arranged drunk uproar with Maratom Basharovym at restaurant, and next day has promised to break the car to journalists of one our tabloid who ostensibly worked on one of our projects.

Jagudin left to journalists with a piece of an iron pipe, but spoke easy and confidently. Most likely, colleagues simply - naprosto watched for the figure skater to make next « bright » cards from Alexey`s life. The newspaper - that yellow, what from it to take?

If to read notes on the Internet the history turns out calling. JAgudin looks in it the abnormal loony, besides, the alcoholic. But on the other hand, and you would not break the car, and the camera, and all on light of paparazzi when they follow you close and climb in your private life? Personally I would break.

Jagudin has broken nothing, and has only threatened. In - the second, it at all has not touched the journalist. It not that case when to the editor of TV channel Russia Today in cafe have really raked a foot.

Yes, Jagudin has changed recently. Earlier it was all the adored figure skater, and now the guy lives under show laws - business. He plays theatre, the film acts in. It became more rigid, « star » intolerant. And that Jagudin liked to drink, with this fact you will surprise nobody. When it was operating sportsman, it was preserved against alcohol by Tatyana Tarasova and psychologist Rudolf Zagajnov. By the way, about it wrote in the book and Zagajnov still five years ago:

- I heard time and again from Leshi: « the head, instead of feet » Is tired;. And it is probable, this weariness leads to alcohol as to the healer and the correct assistant. And we, assistants to the sportsman, have not learnt to compete yet to this rival, we are not able to make with a brain that he is able. For today « The invincible champion ». And I have solved now, before the Olympic Games not to spend neither time, nor forces for re-education of Leshi in this question.

- you that, have resolved to it a red wine glass? - Tatyana Anatolevna has angrily asked.

- Yes, - I have nodded. And only. There was it in the January European championship. Having felt that in hostel something is started, I have asked Leshu: « At me one request: limit to red wine! » then Lesha will tell to me:

- Understand, in that is continually that it is necessary to get drunk to the end, to intoxication when you fall in bed and helicopters before eyes fly. At you that, never was helicopters before eyes, never? - He sincerely was surprised.

- Excuse, - I have responded it, - was not.

from the book of Zagajnova much opens This fragment in Jagudine. Probably, now in Alexey`s life any difficult period. Also agree, not always it would be desirable, when at you on a shower scrape cats, or all slides to hell, that all these « malfunctions » became property of the public. You want to hide the troubles from the relatives, and as a result about it all country learns...

Tell, I justify Jagudina? No. Because now he in show - business, also should live under its laws. And it means that its private life will be known to everyone.

Abroad it is called the public person and public life . Afflicts only that recently Jagudin has really changed.

Before it all adored — journalists, stars, admirers. For an openness, cheerful nature, ability to joke. And recently, even if it also jokes, as - that not on - kind. Hardly that, at once blows up.

I witnessed a situation as our photographer has unintentionally touched with its bag. So Lesha has instantly blown up and has imposed with its floor-mat. Now he in each movement sees malicious intention, arrival and etc. And it is a pity...