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In Italy celebrate the hero - the Moldavian

to the Citizen of Moldova in Italy will express gratitude and will award. The corresponding order was signed by the mayor of the Italian city of Kasale of Monferrato Dzhordzhio Demetsi. Local advisers too on worthiness have estimated selflessness of the Moldavian and have confirmed the order of the mayor.

So already on October, 9th the citizen of Moldova Sergey Galjuka will award with a medal and the diploma « For civil merits ». Besides, the Italian authorities will hand over to Sergey Galjuku monetary compensation.

the citizen of Moldova will receive Such celebrations quite deservedly. Risking life, on March, 18th this year Sergey Galjuk has rescued the pensioner. Having seen that it sinks, the man was not afraid and has rushed behind it to channel water.
thus the hero has wanted to remain the unknown person. When on a scene, hardly not turned back tragedy, there have arrived rescuers, Sergey Galjuk has imperceptibly disappeared. About itself(himself) it has not left any information. Its heroic act then has been described in the local newspaper « Or Monferrato ».
As a result of the citizen of Moldova nevertheless it was possible to find. On behalf of local community the sincere gratitude has been expressed it. And here now has come to give thanks also to time of the authorities the hero.