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The novelty for undemanding users

the Taiwan manufacturer continues to update the ruler actively. At first it were leaders Desire HD and Desire Z after which occurrence it was necessary to expect novelties of an average price segment. And here, meet -   HTC Gratia, being anything other, as a variant let out for the American market HTC Aria.

This device is calculated on Europeans. And for them the smart phone have let out in several colours: besides traditional white and black, mobile it is offered in the rare green case.

the classical monoblock with 3,2 - the inch touch screen works on platform Android 2. 2. On HTC Gratia the advanced version of firm interface HTC Sense is established. Besides other the user cover has the unique application Friend Stream uniting all updatings in social networks in a uniform stream that allows to be well informed always about new events on sites. Besides the device is traditionally equipped pjatimegapikselnoj by the chamber, modules Bluetooth, GPS and Wi - Fi.

in general if the full-function smart phone of the small sizes and at not too biting price it is exact your variant is necessary to you.

in Russia the novelty will appear in November, and will cost about 18 000 roubles.