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Gas explosion on the Yamal deposit: one victim, 12 wounded men

On the Hanchejsky gas deposit in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region in the evening on Wednesday has blown up the pipeline therefore 13 persons have suffered, one of them has died subsequently at transportation in hospital onboard the helicopter sanaviatsii.

Explosion has thundered at 17 o`clock on one of cranes of the pipeline bringing natural gas to shop of complex preparation of gas.

As Larissa Dmitriev has told the chief of department of the information of Central administrative board of the Command control centre in crisis situations of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on JANAO, at explosion 13 persons have been injured, the building has completely collapsed is industrial - the operational block. Thus a fire has not followed.

the Suffered visors from a place of state of emergency the helicopter sanaviatsii airlines « Yamal » which has arrived at 19:32 local time, but directly onboard one of them has died.

the Status of four victims is heavy - at them strong burns.

the Deposit Hanchejsky is located in 180 kilometres from the city of Tarko - Fat and belongs to Open Company « Novatek - Tarkosaleneftegaz ».