Rus News Journal

On pekinke four cars

Failure have faced has occurred about three o`clock in the afternoon. On a site « pekinki » between Vladimir and Bogoljubovom. Towards Vladimir went « the Harmony » and a jeep « Suzuki » - Muscovite Wilhelm Jurevich (the participant of failure, the driver « tells; Subaru ») . - Both cars — on the left strip. Suddenly unexpectedly the jeep has jerked on the right strip. Wanted to overtake. Then the driver, probably, has run away. The jeep ran in « to the Harmony » and itself has departed to a ditch.

jeep Blow, judging by consequences, was huge force. From it « the Harmony » has turned over, has taken off (and it not a figure of speech, the car really flied) on a counter strip. Going on « vstrechke » towards Bogolyubov, a jeep « Subaru » (Moscow) the left side cut off with « Frets » a roof. The fourth participant of road accident had appeared situated near Moscow « Mazda ». On it « the Harmony » has landed upwards wheels.

« the Harmony » has turned to a heap of the bent metal... The first to the place of profit rescuers. They have worked hard to take people from the turned car. The driver at once have sent in hospital, the passenger (the young woman) was already dead.

drivers « Are hospitalised also; Mazdas » and « Suzuki ». Last (the prospective originator of failure) complained of easy dizziness.

Within several hours movement on road has been complicated. About five hours have taken away the spoilt body of the lost. After the journey, on which roadsides mourning monuments stand through each hundred metres, long washed off blood.