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Near Volgograd the corporal has killed with one blow the assistant to the commander of a battalion

In the Kalatch Sergey Sheshin has lived all couple of years. In its 2008, the officer of the contract employee from Penza have sent to repay a debt to the Native land in a part located in hundred kilometres from Volgograd. Here all one year ago 25 - the summer senior lieutenant has got a family – married the beauty to Hope. Planned to get kids, to go to parents to Penza, but dreams could not come true. On Saturday evening, on October, 16th, Sergey was lost from hands podguljavshego the colleague.

In round-the-clock grocery shop in city centre Sergey left about eleven evenings. On cash desk there was a turn. The officer became in the end of turn and long-sufferingly waited. But to make purchase and was not in time. In pavilion the cheerful company has become hollow. 21 - summer Alexander Kurkov with the friend   have parted forcibly the people and   have demanded   at the saleswoman of beer and cigarettes. Certainly without turn.

- Hear, a cow, move give! And faster!

the quiet and sustained Sergey could not endure It. And not because it is the assistant to the commander - the impudent youth, that is why that on it   has left behind; eyes have offended the woman. It has rebuked friends.

- Verbal skirmish has promptly outgrown in rukoprikladstvo. To understand at all did not become. Have decided to go out of doors. And here dispute has dared literally in some minutes. Alexander has punched Sergey in the person. Blow has appeared fatal: it has provoked a hemorrhage in a brain. The victim has fallen, as if knocked down. Someone from shop has called « fast ». Without having waited, when the opponent will rise,   Alexander has passed to the street opposite side. Did not begin to escape. He has waited, pok apriedut doctors, and then and the militia, - tells about circumstances of tragedy Oleg Puchkov, the head of Kalachevsky MrSO of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

On the way to hospital Sergey has died, and Alexander have detained on suspicion in causing of heavy harm to health.

It has appeared that the guy ministers in the same part, as the victim. The corporal, worked as the driver, and he did not know Sergey. Otherwise would not began to rush with fists on the commander.

Now on the given fact criminal case under article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation « is brought; Causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed death of the victim ».

the military investigatory department will be engaged in crime Investigation. For death of the colleague to Alexander threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

For the period of a consequence the court has decided to leave the guy under a subscription about nevyezde.

the Surname of the suspect is changed at the desire of a consequence.